Why You Should Come Up with a Plan When Using a Self-Storage Unit

Before you choose a unit and start storing your belongings at a storage company, it’s imperative that you have a plan in mind. Why is it so important to have a plan for self storage? Here are a few reasons.

Why Self-Storage Units Need a Plan

You’ll Know Exactly What You Need to Store

One of the most important things you need to do before you rent storage space is take inventory. Without an accurate inventory of the things you need to store, it will be nearly impossible to accurately gauge what kind of storage unit you need. What size unit will you need for your belongings? Should you consider climate control as an option? Will multiple storage units be necessary? How long will you need your storage contract to be? These are all questions that can be answered, at least in part, by having a solid inventory of belongings that you wish to put into storage. Take time to plan your storage needs accurately. If you’re moving but your new place needs some renovations before you can put large pieces of furniture inside, you might only need storage for a few things. If the whole home needs to be treated for pests before you move, your storage needs might differ. The difference between having a successful self storage experience and a failed one is your plan. Give yourself time to take an accurate inventory of the items you want to put into storage, and you’ll be prepared for an excellent storage experience.

You’ll Know What Size Unit You Need

Another key benefit of giving yourself time to plan before you rent a storage unit is that you’ll know what size unit you need. As you take inventory of your belongings, make sure to take a measuring tape with you for larger items. You’ll want to measure the height, length, and depth of each large item that you need to put in storage. When you bring those measurements and your inventory list to your local storage companies, they can help you determine what size unit is going to fit all of them the most economically. Without this information, you’d be going in completely blind. Choosing a storage unit for larger items without knowing their approximate dimensions is a recipe for disaster. In most cases, you’ll end up choosing a unit that’s too small for all of your belongings to fit in.

You’ll Be Able to Vet Different Storage Companies

Giving yourself time to plan means you’ll be able to do things like look at self storage prices and vet different self storage companies without rushing. Making a snap decision is almost never a good idea when it comes to self storage. Planning means you’ll have a strategy that involves visiting each storage company on your list of candidates and getting a good look at their facilities. You’ll want to look at things like security measures, cleaning policies, and the state of their current storage units. Doing so will inform you which storage company is best for your needs. Without giving yourself time to plan, you may end up working with a storage facility that isn’t the best for your storage needs. 

Before you choose a self storage company and start putting your belongings away, make a plan. If you need storage space in the Jackson, TN, area and have questions about how to plan for storage, contact Markham Self-Storage today.

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