Why Labor Day Is a Good Time to Rent a Self Storage Unit

If you need to rent storage space at a storage company, you’ve likely thought about the best time to do so. But have you ever considered renting a storage unit on Labor Day? Here are a few reasons to consider renting a storage unit on Labor Day this year.

Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit on Labor Day

Make Room for Guests

Labor Day is a time when you can stop worrying about work and get together with friends and family. The only problem? There might not be enough room for all of them in your space! If you’re looking to make sure that there’s enough space for you and your guests this Labor Day weekend, renting a storage unit could be an excellent option to consider. Hosting a backyard barbecue means that everyone will be outside for the most part, but planning for inclement weather means making sure there’s space to set up shop in your garage or in your home. If lawn equipment and other items are taking up space there, then a small storage unit may help you clear some things out in order to provide ample room for you and your guests to spend time together comfortably. Clearing out your spare bedroom might also be a must if you have family coming in to stay with you for a long weekend. By renting a storage unit, you’re guaranteeing that there’s enough space for them to stay with you without all of the clutter.

Keep Your Home Neat and Organized

Whether you have a lot of company coming over or just a few friends, it’s important to keep your home neat and organized. Not only does it present a good image to your guests, but it also reduces safety hazards for you and your family. Tripping over boxes or lawn equipment as you navigate your garage towards the end of summer is no fun, especially with the back to school craziness that’s about to start. If you want to keep your garage, shed, and home common spaces free of clutter, now is the best time to consider looking into self-storage prices

You May Get a Better Price

Looking at self-storage units during the spring and summer can be a hassle if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Not only are a lot of people moving in the spring and summer, but you have college students leaving their items in storage while they’re home for the summer. If you want to get a great deal on a storage unit and avoid the spring and summer rush, then looking into storage for rent around Labor Day is a great plan of action. While some storage companies may be closed or have reduced hours on Labor Day itself, it’s possible that they’ll be running a Labor Day sale for reduced storage rates around that time. 

If you need to rent a storage unit in the Jackson, TN, area and you’re unsure what the best time of year is to do so, we’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Markham Self Storage today.

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