Why Labeling Your Boxes Is Important

When you’re getting ready to move your belongings to a storage company, it’s important to label all of your boxes correctly. Why? Here are a few good reasons to label all of your boxes before storing them.

The Benefits of Labeling Boxes

Ensure Others Know What’s in Storage

Sometimes you’ll be storing items that you want to check in on every once in a while. But if you’re unavailable or out of town, you might tap a friend or family member to check on things for you. Most self storage companies will allow you to grant access to another person, but they can’t necessarily help your friend find what they’re looking for in your storage unit. In the event that all of the belongings you typically check on are in boxes, labels are going to be incredibly important. When someone else is checking on your storage unit, they have no way of knowing where everything is. Effective labels on all of your boxes, however, can help them locate exactly what you need them to check on. Not only does this make their job easier, but it can help make their visit much more efficient. In short, a good labeling system helps everyone who needs access to your storage unit.

Keep Track of Fragile Belongings

When you rent storage space and you’re stacking boxes up inside, keeping track of what’s in those boxes is often going to be important. What if you’re stacking books alongside precious family heirlooms? If your boxes aren’t labeled correctly, you could be unintentionally causing damage to precious items you’re placing in storage. Let’s say you rent a storage unit and you’re stacking boxes inside. Having a detailed labeling system for all of your boxes is the best way to make sure all of your belongings are stored in an appropriate manner. It might seem time consuming to label boxes with each item that’s inside, but it will be well worth your efforts when all of your belongings come out of storage in perfect condition. A good labeling system for your storage unit is going to keep everything in its proper place and everything in good condition for when you’re ready to take it home again. 

Know Exactly What’s in Your Storage Containers

If the previous content hasn’t convinced you of the importance of good labeling, hopefully this will. What’s the point of looking through self storage prices if you’re going to throw everything into a unit haphazardly? Knowing where all of your belongings are in your storage unit can make your whole life easier. Even with clear plastic bins, it’s easy for belongings to get jumbled up or hidden from plain sight. A good labeling system that lists out each item in any given container can help you save time when you’re looking for something specific. And if you do end up needing to dig through containers to find what you’re looking for, at least you’ll only have one container to dig through because of your labels.

When it comes to self storage, labeling is paramount. If you’re looking for storage space in the Jackson, TN area and have questions about organizing your storage unit, contact Markham Self Storage today.

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