Why It’s Essential to Have a Climate Controlled Unit in the Summer

You may love your storage company, but even the best facilities can’t control the weather. With summer just around the corner, it’s a good time to invest in a climate controlled storage unit. Here are a few reasons why.

The Importance of Climate Controlled Storage in Summer

There’s More Moisture in the Air

When it’s cooler outside during the fall and winter, there’s not a ton of moisture in the air. While wood and other materials can still sustain damage in the cold, you run a higher risk of damaging your belongings without climate control in the summer. Spring and summer especially come with more humidity. If you’re not careful about how you store your belongings, that can wreak havoc on precious antiques and childhood memories. So whether you already have items in storage or you’re thinking about looking at self-storage prices, make sure you’re taking climate control into account as we move closer and closer to summer. Taking the plunge and investing in a climate controlled storage unit can make a world of difference when it comes to protecting your stored belongings.

You’re Storing Wooden Furniture

Wood is highly sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and moisture levels. If you’re not investing in a climate controlled storage unit over the summer for your wooden furniture, you could be in for a very unpleasant surprise when it comes time to retrieve your belongings. Changes in humidity and temperature can cause wood to enter a cycle of shrinking and swelling, which can lead to irreparable warping. Your wooden table may bow or warp in a way that makes it completely unusable. Even protective plastic and blankets won’t do much in the face of summer humidity. So if you need to rent storage space for a precious piece of wooden furniture, make sure it’s climate controlled. You’ll definitely be thanking yourself when it comes time to take everything out of storage.

You’re Storing Electronics

Whether it’s an old computer tower or your first gaming console that still works, it’s not uncommon for people to put electronics in storage. Unfortunately, it’s also common for people to forget that electronics require climate controlled storage if they’re to stay in working condition. This goes for anything electrical, as well. Cameras, televisions, stereo systems, and all other electronics, house delicate technology inside that depend on staying dry to operate correctly. So when you need to store any kind of electronic device, it’s always best to invest in a climate controlled storage unit. If you don’t, you could be risking serious damage to items that you may want to use in the future.

You’re Storing Paper Goods

Any kind of paper good like books, photographs, and even old business documents are exceptionally prone to moisture damage. And these types of items are stored in self-storage companies all the time. If they’re not stored with the proper precautions in mind, it’s possible that you could lose some important documentation forever. For maximum protection, it’s important to store paper goods in an airtight container inside a climate controlled storage unit.
When summer rolls around, climate controlled storage is the way to go. If you need to rent a storage unit in the Jackson, TN, area, contact Markham Self Storage today!

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