What Time of Year Should I Switch Over to Climate Controlled Self Storage?

Finding a great storage company is only the first step when it comes to storing your belongings safely. There are plenty of other factors to consider, including when you need to make the switch to climate-controlled storage. Here are a few tips to help you determine exactly that.

When to Use Climate Controlled Storage

You’re Storing Items in the Spring or Summer

When you decide to store your belongings, will determine what kind of storage unit you’ll need, especially when it comes to climate-controlled storage. In most cases, the winter months in Middle Tennessee hold little moisture in the air. Spring and summer, on the other hand, come with more humidity. Unfortunately, that can wreak havoc on your belongings if they’re not in a climate-controlled storage unit. So whether you already have items in storage or you’re thinking about looking at self-storage prices, make sure you’re taking climate control into account during the warmer months. Investing in a climate-controlled storage unit when it starts to get warmer could make all the difference in the integrity of your stored belongings. Let’s look at a few more reasons to invest in climate-controlled storage.

You’re Storing Antique Wooden Furniture

Antiques have already stood the test of time by their very nature, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need protection. When you need to store antiques, especially antiques that are wooden, it’s time to make the switch to climate-controlled storage units. Humidity is public enemy number one when it comes to wood. Changes in humidity and temperature can cause wood to enter a cycle of shrinking and swelling, which can lead to irreparable warping. So if you need to rent storage space for a precious piece of wooden furniture, the last thing you want is to invest in a storage unit that won’t protect it properly. Adding a piece of antique wooden furniture to your existing storage unit is a bad idea if it’s not already climate-controlled. The same is true for newer wooden furniture, too. A climate-controlled storage unit is the best move when you need to put wooden furniture away.

You’re Storing Electronics

Putting electronics in storage isn’t an uncommon event, but it’s easy to forget that they require climate-controlled storage to stay in mint condition. Cameras, televisions, stereo systems, and all other electronics, house delicate technology inside that depend on staying dry to operate correctly. That means when you rent a storage unit to store electronic items in, it needs to be climate controlled. If moisture gets inside any of the delicate components of your electronic devices, you could be risking irreversible damage to them. Most electronics require environments with very low humidity levels in order to continue functioning properly. If you want to keep your electronics working for a long time to come, remember to invest in climate-controlled storage.

You’re Storing Paper Goods

Paper goods like books, photographs, and even old business documents are stored in self-storage companies all the time. Unfortunately, it’s also common for these materials to sustain damage because they’re not stored properly. If you’re storing paper goods, it’s important that they reside in a watertight container in a climate-controlled storage unit. Mold growth, paper wrinkling, and paper rot are all things you can look forward to if you fail to obtain a climate-controlled unit for these belongings. Photographs need to be handled particularly delicately in storage. If moisture starts to rot one photograph, the entire batch could fall victim, as well.

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