What Amenities Are Available at Today’s Best Self Storage Facilities?

When seeking a self storage facility in Jackson, TN, it’s imperative to select one that can accommodate your space requirements and specific needs. Let’s go over some key amenities that you might find at today’s top self storage facilities.

Units of Varying Sizes

One size doesn’t fit all for different storage needs. There’s no need to rent a large storage unit if you’re only locking away some small trinkets. Conversely, large furniture won’t fit in a space that’s too small. It’s possible to find what works just right for your storage needs. If a storage company only offers units of uniform dimension, you won’t be able to optimize your rental. As such, look for facilities that offer different-sized storage units — the bigger the range, the better.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity affect a wide variety of materials (i.e., wood, paper, electronics, etc.). If your storage unit isn’t designed to counteract these environmental forces, your stored possessions might undergo damage, mold, or other problems over time. Having control over your storage unit’s internal climate will both allow you to protect your items and remain comfortable whenever you visit.

Security Features

The main reason anyone stores their goods is to keep them safe while they’re not currently needed or in use. In other words, you want to seek a facility that boasts truly secure self storage. If a storage facility isn’t equipped with the latest safety features, your stored items might be at risk of theft or sabotage. Today’s best self storage facilities are outfitted with high-level security features, including secure fencing, gated access, multiple locks, 24/7 closed-circuit video monitoring, strong lighting, on-site security staff, and more.

Complete, Convenient Access

Just because you’re putting certain items away doesn’t mean you’ll never want to access them in the future. Additionally, there’s a good chance you’ll want to store more items in your unit over time. So, while you want your storage facility to offer strong security, you don’t want it to be so restrictive that you can’t easily enter your unit. Rather, you’ll want to look for self storage rentals that allow you 24/7 access. This way, you can add or remove items and make other adjustments at your convenience, no questions asked.

On-Site Packing and Storage Supplies 

Few things are more irritating than arriving somewhere only to realize you forgot something. For instance, you might forget to bring packing and storage supplies like tape or plastic/bubble wrap with you once you’ve made it to your storage unit. The best self storage facilities provide or sell these useful materials on-site, so you’re always covered.

Web-Based Storage

In today’s digital age, it’s often more convenient to make payments, manage your account, and make reservations online. Fortunately, the most sought-after storage facilities offer web-based storage solutions such as these to their customers. At Markham Self Storage, we provide our clients with all of the amenities listed here and more. If you need to rent storage space in the Jackson, TN, area, contact us today!

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