Transform a Storage Unit into a Studio

Jackson Tennessee, and the Middle Tennessee area are home to artists, photographers, and musicians of all kinds. This area of the country has a rich tradition of self-starting artists who create masterpieces in a bedroom studio or garage recording setup. However, finding space to practice your craft can be frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming.

When looking for a studio space, people often check craigslist, local ads, and with friends. Places people overlook as an option for a studio are storage units for rent. Storage companies have begun to notice that their climate-controlled and secluded locations are perfect for aspiring artists and musicians. In the section below you can find several benefits that  a storage unit has that can help make it a perfect location for your studio.

Benefits Of Storage Unit As A Studio

There are several benefits of having a storage rental as a studio. The features you have when you rent storage space are relevant to what you would want when looking for a studio space for rent.

  1. Security: Oftentimes artists have expensive equipment that they use to pursue their art. Security is often a concern when someone is looking for a place to rent a studio. With a storage facility you have an fenced-in lot, secure gate and 24/7 surveillance. This gives any renter peace of mind, knowing that their items are locked away safely and being monitored at all times. 
  2. Climate-Controlled Storage Units: With Markham Self-Storage you can request a climate-controlled storage unit. This is an added benefit for someone with camera gear or recording equipment. Keeping moisture at bay during the summer months will protect electronics from gathering moisture and mildew. As the months grow colder your gear will be protected when temperatures plummet. Another benefit is that it is a comfortable space to work out of. No one wants to sweat or freeze when they are trying to work. Markham Self-Storage maintains comfortable operating temperatures for all of its tenants with climate control features. 
  3. Budget: Looking for cheap storage units does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality. Markham-Self Storage is committed to bringing high-quality amenities for a price that is affordable. By renting month-to-month you have the flexibility to stay with us as long as you need to. If you are on the road touring or traveling for work you can maintain your monthly payment online. 
  4. Access: Flexible access to a studio is high on the list of necessary features. Have you ever had a stroke of genius but its 2 am? Markham offer 24 hour-a-day access, seven days a week to access your storage unit.

Our Promise

Markham Self-Storage is committed to meeting the needs of it’s community here in Jackson and Middle Tennessee. Our storage units offer a wide variety of features that are set to meet our customers needs. If you are looking for a new studio space and hitting dead end after dead end give us call! If you want to hear about others ways to use a storage unit, take a look at our blog page for more ideas.

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