Top Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

If you need to rent storage space in Jackson, TN for your holiday decorations, it’s important to understand the best way to store these precious items. If you’re not sure what the best way to store your holiday decorations is, here are a few tips to help you store different types of decorations.

How to Store Your Holiday Decorations

Storing Holiday Wreaths

Holiday wreaths are a beautiful part of any home during the winter. But storing them can be tough! If you have the original packaging, that’s the best way to store them. But any waterproof plastic bin will do the trick if the packaging is nowhere to be found or it just hasn’t held up over the years.

Storing Holiday Ornaments

Holiday ornaments come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. And like many of your other holiday decorations, they probably come with a number of precious holiday memories. Considering that many ornaments are hand-crafted or family heirlooms, it’s important to store them in a manner that keeps them safe from any harm. So when it comes time to put them away for the season, it’s a good practice to make sure that each ornament is individually wrapped in tissue paper and placed in its own box. If this isn’t possible, then consider investing in storage boxes that come with dividers in them. This way, you can keep your ornaments in a compact space while ensuring they have their own compartments. If you have larger ornaments or ornaments that are shaped in strange ways, then it’s best to keep their original packaging and store them in that, if possible.

Storing Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees are going to take up a bit more space than some of your other decorations, so make sure that if you need storage space for rent that you have a big enough unit to put your tree in. If possible, your tree should be stored in its original packaging. If the original packaging isn’t suitable for storage and you can take your tree apart, it’s best to store each section of the tree in its own plastic storage bin. This will help preserve the integrity of your tree and provide an organized way to store it.

Storing Holiday Lights

Holiday string lights might look beautiful while they’re up, but taking them down and storing them can be a real pain if you don’t know where to start. The best way to store string lights begins with how you take them down. When you’re preparing your string lights for storage, make sure you coil them in an organized fashion. Securing the coil with a piece of string or a twist tie can help keep your coil intact and prevent tangling while your lights are in storage. It’s also possible to coil your lights around a piece of cardboard for storage purposes, too. Once they’re coiled and secured, place them in a waterproof bin and they’ll be good to go.

Storing your holiday decorations can be a sad time of year. Don’t make it worse by storing them improperly at your self-storage company! Need to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN for your belongings? Contact our team at Markham Self-Storage today.

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