The Importance of Labeling Your Unit

When you’re looking to rent storage space, it’s crucial to make sure you’re labeling your belongings properly. Not sure why? Here are a few important reasons you need to label your stored belongings properly.

Why You Need to Label Your Storage Items

Know Exactly What’s In Your Storage Containers

One of the most important reasons to make sure all of your storage containers are properly labeled is so that you know exactly what’s in each container. Even if you use clear plastic bins for storage, it’s common for the items inside to get jumbled up. Having a label that lists each item inside can help avoid time wasted rummaging around for the one belonging you’re looking for. And when you’re forced to dig around in your containers for what you need, it’s likely that you’re only going to end up even more confused when you need to come back for another item in the future. Labeling your storage properly before it goes to your self storage company can help you prevent situations like this from ever happening. And when you need to bring something back home, you can get in and out in no time flat.

Keep Track of Fragile Belongings

Let’s say you rent a storage unit and you’re stacking boxes inside. Maybe you’re storing some kitchen appliances and small pieces of furniture along with a box or two of more fragile items. Without labels on your boxes, it’s possible that you could stack a heavier box on top of some fragile items and unknowingly damage them beyond repair. Having detailed labels on your boxes and containers before moving them into storage is the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen. The last thing you want is for a previous family heirloom to be destroyed because your storage wasn’t labeled properly. With a good labeling system, you can handle fragile items with care and know exactly where they are when you need to check up on them at a later date.

Ensure Others Know What’s in Storage

If you enlist someone else to check on your storage unit for you while you’re away, it’s important to make sure they know where everything is and which items are in which boxes. This is especially important if you need them to look after a specific item while you’re out of town. Most self storage companies will allow you to grant access to another person, but they can’t necessarily help your friend find what they’re looking for in your storage unit. To avoid confusion or a panicked call from your friend about a missing item they can’t find, a good labeling system is absolutely essential. In addition, this makes sure that someone you trust can retrieve items from your storage unit without wasting any time.

When you’re looking at storage space for rent, make sure you’re preparing to label your belongings for easier access. If you’re looking to rent storage space in the Jackson, TN area and have questions about organizing your storage unit, contact us at Markham Self Storage today.

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