Subletting a Room or Apartment: Self-Storage Can Help

If you live in the Jackson area and you want to sublet a room in your home or apartment, you might be wondering how you’re going to create space for your new housemate. Fortunately, a self storage company can help you out with that. Here’s how.

Your Valuables Are Safe

When you rent a storage unit, you’re making an investment in the security of your belongings. If you don’t remove your personal effects from the room you’re subletting, they’ll be there with someone you may have never even met before. Placing your belongings in a storage unit means that you’ll be the only person who has access to them. There are a few different security measures in place to ensure this, as well. First, you’ll likely need to pass through a gate and present your ID and storage unit information. From there, you’ll only be able to access your belongings with the use of a key or access code. In addition, it’s possible to specifically allow another person to access your unit. Without your permission, nobody else will be able to access your belongings. Compared to leaving your precious items in your home with a stranger, or even with a friend, a self storage company is definitely the safer bet.

An Affordable Solution

One of the best things about storing your belongings is self storage prices. There are units of all shapes and sizes, and depending on your needs, you can always find one within your price range. Cheap self storage is certainly an advantage when you only need to store a few things. Say you’re subletting a bedroom in your home. You’re keeping the furniture, but all of the personal items and clothing in there needs to get put away. Realistically, you just don’t have space for it at your house, but a small self storage unit could do the trick. If all you need is a five-foot by five-foot unit, storing your items at a self storage facility could very likely be the most practical option while you’re subletting a room in your house. 

No Long-Term Commitments

Another great aspect of renting a storage unit for your extra belongings is that you’re not committed to keep that storage unit forever. While some facilities may have minimum contract requirements, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that makes you shy away from paying a few months’ rent on a small storage unit. The best thing about the lack of a long contract is that you can close up your storage unit as soon as your subletter leaves your home. Once the room is free, you may even decide that you don’t want to sublet again. And because you rented a storage unit, all of your belongings will be ready to go right back into your home once the subletting period is over. 

If you live in the Jackson area and you have questions about your storage needs for subletting, contact Markham Self Storage today. We’d be happy to help you determine what the best storage solution is for you.

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