Storage FAQ: What to Do if You Suspect Theft

When you rent storage space in Jackson, TN, you’re looking for a safe, secure environment to store your belongings. If you’re nervous about theft, here are a few extra security measures you can take.

Ask About Digital Surveillance

If you’re nervous about theft after you rent a storage unit, it’s important to ask about digital surveillance. Any self storage company worth their salt will have some form of surveillance in place to keep track of who comes and goes at their facility each day. More often than not, you will see cameras at the entrance and at each group of storage units for rent. If you suspect that someone has stolen from your self storage unit, it’s important to ask for a review of any footage they might have gotten of your particular unit. This could help identify a suspect or put your worries at ease.

Look for Protected Access

When you invest in a storage space for rent, you may receive a lock and key for your unit. That being said, passcode protected access may be another added form of security that your self storage company offers. With this technology, you’ll be required to input a specific series of numbers or letters to be able to access your storage unit. This kind of security offers extremely limited access to your unit, and also allows staff to review when someone has accessed your unit, if necessary.

Purchase Your Own Lock

While many storage facilities offer locks and keys to their tenants, it may be a better idea to purchase the best lock you can afford for your storage unit. When you use a facility’s lock, you may not know where the lock came from, how secure it is, or if someone still has a key to that particular lock. When you purchase your own lock, you can rest easy knowing that you are the only one with a key or combination that will open that lock. In addition, you may be able to purchase a lock with more security features than a lock your storage unit provides.

Keep an Updated Inventory of Stored Items

If you’re nervous about theft, the best way you can know for sure whether a belonging has been stolen is to keep a detailed record of what is in your storage unit. The more detail you can provide for each item, the better. It might seem like a tedious task, but you’ll likely thank yourself in the long run. Say you’ve been using the same storage unit for a year and one day, someone steals something. Without an accurate list of your stored belongings, you might not be able to confirm whether or not a theft ever happened. In addition, you might not even remember what it was you had stored in there. The best way to prevent and confirm theft is to be prepared to prove that it did happen in the first place.
Are you concerned about storage unit theft? If you’re looking to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN and have questions about security, our team at Markham Self Storage is here to help. We want to make sure your belongings are secure and safe until you’re ready to take them home again.

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