Storage FAQ: How Often Should I Check On My Storage Unit?

People use storage units for all kinds of reasons, be it traveling, moving, or just decluttering. Regardless of what you’re using a storage unit for, it’s important to check on your belongings every once in a while.

Why Is Checking My Storage Unit Periodically So Important?

The first reason is security. While your self storage company’s on-site security may be top-notch, it is possible for items in your unit to fall over or shift with time. Checking your storage unit is key to making sure your valuables are safe and sound. In addition, you’ll want to check up on moisture levels in your unit. If left unchecked, the humidity level could rise in your unit to the point where mold is growing on your more delicate items like books, clothing, and photographs. Finally, it’s important to make sure that all of the items in your storage unit should be there. It’s always a good idea to come back periodically to reevaluate whether you want to keep these items stored, take them home, or get rid of them for good. Given these reasons, how often should you be checking your storage unit?

If You’re Storing Clothing…

Boxes of clothing are relatively low-maintenance item to keep in a storage unit. Fortunately, items like these only require a check-in every once in a while. This is mostly to check on the humidity levels in your storage unit. As discussed earlier, high moisture levels can result in mold growth on more delicate fabrics. Of course, if you have checked into self-storage prices and it is within your budget, using climate-controlled storage means that you will need to check on stored clothing less often. All in all, boxes of clothing (or hanging clothing) should probably be checked on once every one or two months, at most.

If You’re Storing Wooden Furniture…

Again, this is a relatively low-maintenance item to place in your storage unit. Provided that everything is packed up properly and has enough space to breathe, you shouldn’t need to check on these items any more than once every three or four months. Again, the main reason to check on wooden items would be to maintain optimal humidity levels in your storage unit. We offer high quality, affordable storage units, both with and without climate control. Let us help you find the unit that is right for you and your cherished items.

If You’re Storing Instruments…

Instruments can be tricky. They’re extremely prone to moisture and temperature damage, which means if they are not in a climate-controlled facility, you’ll likely need to check on them every few days or so. While cheap self storage can be a great option for a lot of items, with instruments a climate-controlled unit is a smart choice. If you are investing in climate-controlled storage, then your instruments are likely going to need to be checked on a bit less. Of course, any major changes in temperature or humidity outside should always prompt a check-in to make sure your instruments are still functioning properly. Once every one or two weeks should do the trick.

If You’re Storing Antiques…

Antique items like furniture, art, or literature, should be checked on often. These items are often of a delicate nature and in some cases, the slightest change in humidity or temperature can prompt damage. Paper and fabric antiques are particularly prone to rot and mold. If you decide to store antiques in your unit, make sure you have a detailed plan to check on them weekly. In addition, it’s certainly worth investing in climate-controlled storage for these items.
Placing items in storage can be incredibly useful, but only if you’re taking the proper measures to make sure they stay intact. Hopefully this article answered a few of your questions regarding how often you need to check on your storage unit. If you’re in the Jackson area and you have any more concerns, please contact our team at Markham Self Storage today.

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