Self-Storage Tips to Prep for Cooler Weather

If you need to rent storage space in Jackson, TN during the winter, it’s important to be prepared for colder weather. Here are a few essential storage tips to help you out if you need to put your belongings away during colder weather.

How to Use Storage for Colder Weather

Invest in Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage is an excellent investment at any point during the year, but it can be especially useful during the colder winter months. Storing things like wooden furniture, electronics, and even lawn maintenance equipment can be a tricky process without the right climate control tools. Humidity is your biggest enemy when you’re storing any of these items. Temperature and humidity fluctuations have the capacity to destroy them if you’re not careful. Wood can warp as a result of temperature inconsistencies, and electronic equipment may be damaged beyond repair. So make sure you’re investing in climate-controlled storage units when you need to store your belongings over the winter months. This will allow you to rest easy knowing that the temperature and humidity levels in your storage unit are being kept consistent to protect your stored items. This also means you don’t have to check up on your unit as often, which can be a pain if snow is in the picture.

Use Wool or Cotton Covers for Large Items

It’s fairly common practice to cover large items in storage or delicate items that may sustain damage otherwise. But instead of using vinyl or plastic covers during the colder months to protect your belongings, opt for cotton or wool covers. Any self-storage company will tell you that vinyl and plastic covers can trap moisture instead of wicking it away. And if moisture gets trapped with your delicate or wooden belongings, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise the next time you check up on your storage unit. Wrapping smaller items in fabric or newspaper can also be appropriate for insulation and protection during the colder winter months. The key here is to cover your items in a way that’s going to keep them insulated, but not trap moisture around them. Moving blankets are an excellent option to consider here.

Prepare Your Lawn Equipment Properly

Working with self-storage companies to store your lawn equipment over the winter is incredibly important. First and foremost, it’s important to make sure that all of your lawn equipment is clean and dry. Anything that’s wet or dirty when it goes into storage may come out with rust, mold, or other damage by the time spring rolls around. In addition, it’s critical that you empty your lawn equipment of all gasoline. Not only can gasoline eat away at your lawnmower’s engine, but it’s also not viable for storage. In fact, storing flammable or otherwise hazardous materials is prohibited if you’re using a storage rental for your belongings.

When you need to store your belongings over the winter, a storage unit can save you a lot of space. But if you’re not careful about storing your belongings properly, you could run into some issues. Need to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN? Contact our team at Markham Self-Storage today.

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