Self Storage For The Traveling Professional

This solution will make your life more comfortable

For many business professionals, assignments involving long-term travel or temporary relocation are part of the job. When you’re making plans to be away for months at a time, you have to do something with the items that fill your apartment or home. Some business travellers sublet their rentals or rent out their home to cover costs and be budget savvy. Others may choose to pack up completely and store their belongings and furniture until they return home. In both instances, it’s necessary to pack up some or all of your stuff and put them into rental storage.

Although it may sound tempting to stash your boxes and couch in your parent’s basement or a friend’s garage, we believe that a reliable and safe self storage rental is your best option. A climate controlled rental storage unit gives you control and peace of mind. Keep reading to learn more about how Markham Self Storage is the perfect solution for the travelling professional in the Jackson, TN area.

Rental Storage is The Safest Option
Markham Self Storage takes protecting the contents of your storage unit very seriously. Our entire facility is contained within a secure safety fence, which only our tenants and staff have access to. Additionally, we have 24/7 video monitoring throughout our facility to ensure that your items are as secure as possible while you’re gone.

Storage Units Allow For Rental Insurance
Did you know that rental storage allows you to purchase affordable renters insurance to protect the contents of your unit? This way if the worst should happen, you can replace everything you’ve stored – you won’t get this offer in your parent’s basement.

Cheap Self Storage Brings Priceless Peace of Mind
The price of a safe and contained storage unit may cost more than your grandma’s attic but it will pay you back in peace of mind. Knowing that the items you’ve accumulated over your lifetime are organized and waiting for you upon your return home is worth every penny. Additionally, we offer climate controlled storage for rent to ensure your valuables are in pristine condition upon your return.

Store Your Stuff on Your Terms
Let’s say that your business trip takes a few months longer than you expected and your friend really wants to remodel the basement where you’re boxes and furniture are stored. Feeling the stress of adding to the workload people you love isn’t something you need to worry about with cheap storage units. You can rent them for as long as you need with no bothersome commitments or inconvenience.

Let Markham Self Storage Simplify Your Next Business Trip
As you prepare your next long-term business trip, let Markham Self Storage help simplify your packing. We sell packing supplies and can set you up with a U-Haul rental to transport your belongings to their new, temporary home. If you’re not sure what size best meets your needs, our trained staff can help you evaluate your options. If you’re a business professional in the Jackson, TN area, call Markham Self Storage at 731-664-0068 to learn more about how we can simplify your cheap storage needs.

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