Moving in with a Significant Other? Dealing with Duplicates

When you move in with a significant other, the need to rent storage space might be the last thing on your mind. But when you have to deal with duplicates and gracefully combine your belongings, you might run into a few issues. If you’re dealing with duplicate household items, here are some tips to help you out.

How to Deal With Duplicate Items

Assess the Condition of Duplicate Items

Before you start tossing things in the trash, it’s important to consider the condition of every duplicate household item that’s coming into your relationship. Is one looking worse for wear or hanging by a thread? If that’s the case, then it’s probably not worth putting it into storage for later use. It’s crucial to assess this feature of any duplicate items you have. If both items are in great condition, then you can consider storing one duplicate until the other becomes unusable or suffers some other kind of tragedy.

Consider the Size of Your Items

If you’re moving in with your significant other, it’s likely that you both have a few larger pieces of furniture that are duplicates. Mattresses, bed frames, sofas, and more are all essential household items. That being said, it’s not exactly possible to have two of each in a small to mid-sized apartment. In addition, only one set of furniture may be the appropriate size for your new space. If you really don’t want to get rid of your duplicates because they’re in good shape, seeking out a self storage company is the best option. This way, you’ll be able to bring those pieces back out if you move into a larger space together in the future.

Take a Look at the Quality

Quality should always be at the top of your priorities list when sorting through duplicate belongings. If one duplicate is of significantly better quality than the other, then that’s the one you’re going to want to keep in your shared space. While it’s not a bad idea to have a backup, especially if your duplicate is a set of kitchen knives or serveware, the higher-quality option is going to last a lot longer than its counterpart.

Take Storage Space Into Account

Assessing the space you have for storage in your new place is another important step in managing the duplicate household items you and your partner have packed with you. Is there ample space to store smaller duplicate items like sets of plates and silverware? Will you have an entire room or area of the house dedicated to storage purposes? In most cases, it’s not really worth all of the clutter. Fortunately, that’s where self storage companies come in. If you have some space for duplicates, but not a ton, then it’s a smart idea to run through the assessments we mentioned above and then decide what can be placed in a storage unit for the time being. Not only will this clear up some space in your new living arrangements, but it will help ensure that your belongings remain in good condition until you’re ready to use them again.
If you’re nervous about making the investment in a storage unit, remember that you’re investing in keeping your duplicate items in top condition if the one you’re using breaks or gets lost. Need to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN? Contact our team at Markham Self-Storage today.

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