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For those who struggle with hoarding

Whether you’re a packrat or just someone overrun with stuff, it can be far too easy to run out of places to put household items and knick knacks. If your home is starting to feel a little cluttered, you might want to take some simple, proactive steps to tidy your abode.

Here are five of the top ways to declutter your home:

How can mini storage help your collection?

Whether you love collecting art, memorabilia, or other treasured items, you may eventually run out of space in your own home. Once you’re out of storage space under your own roof, you’ll need to find a safe and private place to store your extra items. After all, there’s only a certain amount of things you can cram into your attic or basement. If you’re in search of a safe and convenient place to store your excess collectibles, you should consider our self storage rental. Conveniently located in North Jackson, TN, our self storage company allows you to rent as many cheap storage units as you need for your collectibles. Whether you need one storage unit or several, you can easily rent storage at Markham Mini Storage.

Whether you bought your house last week or decades ago, there’s nothing like the thrill of being a homeowner. It’s both inspiring and exhilarating to have a place that is all yours. From decorating each room to landscaping the yard, redesigning and remodeling your home is a memorable and special experience.

You can change your education experience with this idea

With high school graduation just a few short weeks away, many high school students are eagerly planning every single detail of their future collegiate experiences. As students finalize their housing plans, decide on their class schedules, and find durable laptops, there’s one detail that shouldn’t be overlooked: where to keep all of their belongings during summer break. Looking for a place to keep all of your extra items? Our convenient storage facility in Jackson, TN, is the perfect place for incoming college students to keep their extra belongings.