Is it Safe to Stack Heavy Boxes in My Unit?

When you’re getting ready to bring boxes to your local storage company, you’ll need to consider how you’re going to organize them. This is especially important when you have heavy boxes. Here’s what you should know.

How to Safely Store Storage Containers

Is It Safe to Stack Heavy Boxes?

Technically, you can stack heavy boxes on top of one another when you rent a storage unit. That being said, it’s critical that you stack these boxes correctly to make sure you’re not causing unnecessary or preventable damage to any of the items within them. Failing to stack your boxes or plastic bins correctly, whether they’re heavy or not, can result in unwanted damage to items within each box, towers that topple over while you’re away, and even damage to other items in your storage unit. Since that’s a situation you don’t want to be in when you rent storage space, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you stack your heavy boxes safely in your storage unit. 

Invest in Durable Storage Containers

Before you even consider self-storage companies for your belongings, you must invest in the right storage tools. One of those tools comes in the form of durable storage containers. The sturdier, the better! Cardboard boxes might be the most convenient vessel for your storage needs, but they’re also susceptible to collapse, rot, and water damage. If you really want to stack your heavy boxes on top of one another, you’re going to need some heavy duty boxes. Clear or opaque plastic bins are typically going to be your best bet here. As long as your heavy items can fit inside them, you should be good to stack.

Stack Lighter Boxes on Top of Heavy Boxes

While all of your boxes might be heavy, it’s still important to consider the overall weight of each box you’re storing. Is there one box that’s heavier or lighter than the rest? If you can identify which boxes are the heaviest and lightest, you’ll create a more stable stack of items within your storage unit. Stacking lighter items on top of heavier ones will accomplish two things. First, it will create a more stable structure within your storage unit — no need to worry about your tower toppling over! Second, it will help you avoid damage to your belongings. If you stack heavier items on top of lighter ones, you’re almost guaranteed to bring a broken item home with you.

Keep Your Stacks to a Reasonable Height

Looking at self-storage prices means nothing if you’re not going to store your items responsibly. Part of being safe when stacking heavy boxes is keeping a close eye on the height of your stack. No matter how stable your bottom box is, a tower of boxes that’s too high is a huge safety risk in your storage unit. Not only could you cause damage to the items you’re storing, but someone could get seriously hurt if they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Try to keep your stacks limited to two or three boxes when possible. If you have too many boxes to follow that guideline, it’s a good idea to invest in some shelving to maximize your storage unit space.

Stacking heavy items in your storage unit is all well and good as long as you do it properly. If you need to rent a storage unit in the Jackson, TN area and have questions about organization best practices, contact Markham Self Storage today.

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