How to Test the Security of Your Self-Storage Unit

Your local storage company might advertise secure self-storage, but how can you be sure that your belongings will really be safe there? If you’re nervous that your storage unit isn’t as safe as you want it to be, here are a few key security features to look for.

How to Secure Your Self-Storage Unit

Gated Access

One of the first things you need to look for when you want to rent a storage unit is gated access to the storage facility as a whole. When a gate stands between the rest of the world and your self-storage unit, you’re looking at a safe place to store your belongings. Gated access also means that only you and the people you grant permission can access your storage unit. If someone you don’t want near your storage unit attempts to pass through the gate, they’ll be turned away.

Good Lighting

Good lighting might not seem like a security feature at first, but you’re definitely going to be grateful it’s there. If you plan on accessing your storage unit at night or anytime it’s dark outside, adequate lighting will help keep you safe. It will also keep your surroundings visible at all times. In addition, lighting is often a deterrent for thieves who may want to break into your storage unit under cover of darkness.

On-Site Security

If you’re really nervous when you rent storage space, ask if there are any on-site security officers. Odds are your storage unit does employ security staff to set their customers at ease and to protect their property. While security staff may be charged with protecting company assets, it’s also part of their jobs to make sure that storage units are secure. If there are security guards on the premises at all times, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, especially since their presence is usually a deterrent for trespassers.

Alarmed Storage Units

When you’re looking into self-storage prices, you may see that alarmed units are an option. If you’re really nervous about the security of your belongings, then this is something you might want to look into. While alarmed units are considered an advanced security measure, they’re certain to keep unwanted intruders out of your storage unit. If someone does try to break in, the unit will sound an alarm, which is definitely a good deterrent for any thieves.

Video Surveillance

Another feature you should look for when you’re examining storage for rent is video surveillance. When cameras are recording every corner of the facility you’re using for self-storage, it’s unlikely that thieves will want to break in. Not only that, but if your unit does get broken into, video surveillance can provide concrete evidence and help authorities identify and apprehend the person or people responsible for any theft that occurred. Video surveillance is a key security feature that you absolutely need to ask about when you’re considering self-storage.

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