How to Store High-End Art Pieces

Art may be subjective, but certain pieces hold greater market value than others. If you’re in possession of some high-end art, chances are you already take good care of it. When it’s time to move or clear up some space in your home, you might opt to store some of your valuable pieces in a secure facility. Before you go ahead and rent storage space, however, you must make sure that the unit you’re renting can properly protect and maintain your prized paintings. Here’s how to store high-end art pieces, so they retain their value, beauty, and integrity.

Properly Wrap Your Paintings Before Storing

You should carefully and individually conceal each piece of high-end art. Various wrapping materials can work in this regard, though some are better than others. Consider wrapping your framed paintings with durable bubble wrap or storage blanket, holding it all together with strong packing tape. From there, tape cardboard to both the front and back of your wrapped paintings. If you’re dealing with an unframed piece of art, cover the front with silicone release paper and then wrap it all with hardboard. Then you can repeat the previous steps for framed paintings (i.e., cover with bubble wrap/blankets and tape).

Avoid Extreme Moisture and Temperatures

After you’ve covered and secured your high-end art piece, you can begin comparing storage rentals. While these units might look the same at a glance, different facilities may offer better or worse conditions for your valuable items. High-end art pieces must be kept away from moisture and extreme temperatures — excessive humidity can facilitate mold and mildew formation, while wild fluctuations in temperature can cause canvas to expand or contract. In order to keep your art piece in great shape, you must opt for a storage unit that offers consistent climate control. These climate controlled storage units are especially important to seek out if you plan on storing your high-end art for a long period of time and/or live in an area with extreme climate conditions.

Protect Your Valuable Art from Theft

Heat and moisture aren’t the only threats facing your high-end art, of course. Any item with significant value becomes a target for thieves, after all. So, if you need to find a self storage facility for your art, you must choose one with strict security protocols. Some things to look for in a secure self storage facility include:

  • Gated access
  • On-site security
  • 24/7 closed-circuit video surveillance
  • Alarmed units
  • Proper lighting
  • Multiple locks on individual units

The more secure your storage unit, the more peace of mind you’ll have, even if your valuable art is located miles away for the time being.

Whether you need to store high-end art or anything else that matters to you, find a facility that’s designed with your property in mind. At Markham Self Storage, we offer our clients a variety of storage solutions suited to different needs, including climate controlled units, packaging materials, and a highly secure campus. If you need to rent a storage unit in the Jackson, TN, area, contact us today!

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