How to Prepare Your Yard Sale Items When It’s Time to Remove Them from Your Unit

When you’re ready to take some of your belongings away from your storage company and put them up for sale, it’s important to prepare them properly. Whether you’re hosting a yard sale or you’re planning on pawning some of your belongings, here are a few tips to help you prepare them properly for sale.

Give Everything a Good Clean

Just as you need to clean everything before you rent storage space, it’s important to clean everything after you take it out of your storage rental. If you’re planning on selling the items you were keeping in your storage unit, then it’s important to make sure they’re shining like they’re brand new. The best way to make sure everything is clean is to bring a few clean rags with you and give everything a good wipe-down before you put it in the car to transport it to your yard sale. It’s also a good idea to come prepared with wood cleaner and a lint roller. Wood cleaners will help you polish up any pieces of wooden furniture you’re getting ready to sell. A lint roller is perfect for cleaning up fabric furniture or clothing before you put it up for sale, as well. Once everything has been dusted off and polished, you can get a good look at what you’ll be selling. A clean item is much more likely to sell than a dusty one!

Place Everything into Categories

Grouping items together is going to make transporting them to your sale much easier. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to organize the belongings in your storage unit by category. Furniture, clothing, and books are three great places to start. Technology and electronics can be grouped together, as well. It’s also possible to group your belongings together by room. If you have enough furniture for a living room set, then you could group your items this way. It’s also preferable to organize your unit in a way that leaves a clear path to the largest items. Organizing your unit in this way will make it much easier to remove larger pieces if you decide it’s time to sell them. Once your unit is organized by category, you can begin moving things out and setting up your yard sale. 

Do a Thorough Examination for Damage

Before you sell anything from your storage unit, it’s important to examine everything for signs of damage. While self-storage companies go out of their way to make sure no harm comes to your belongings, it’s possible that something was jostled or scratched when you were moving items in. It’s especially important to check items like dishes, books, and wooden furniture. These items are easy to damage, especially if they’re in a crowded storage unit with a bunch of your belongings. Do a thorough check for cracks, tears, and scratches on the items you plan to take out of your storage for rent. This could also affect your pricing, so make sure you’re triple-checking for damage.

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