How to Honor an Antique when You Have to Store It

When you’re taking antiques to your local storage company to put away, it’s important to store them properly. Proper storage is part of honoring an antique’s legacy and its future with you or with another owner. How can you make sure you’re honoring antiques during storage? Here’s what you need to know.

Antique Items and How to Store Them


If you’re storing valuable pieces of antique art, it’s important that you take every precaution possible. That means placing them in a climate controlled storage unit, wrapping your art in the proper protective materials, and investing in custom-made containers designed specifically for art protection. Antique artwork is particularly susceptible to water damage and rot, which means you need to take extra care if you rent storage space to keep this type of antique in.


Antique furniture might seem a little bit sturdier than antique artwork, but that doesn’t mean it requires any less care. Antique furniture — especially wooden furniture — must be stored in a climate controlled storage unit. If moisture and humidity levels aren’t carefully controlled, the wooden parts of your antique furniture could expand and warp. Eventually this could cause irreparable damage to the antiques that you hold near and dear to your heart. Before storage, all antique furniture should be cleaned, dusted, and polished. Any leather items should be treated with a leather conditioner and gently wiped down. When in storage, make sure to keep antique furniture items separate from other items in your storage unit. In addition, make sure they’re covered with soft blankets or furniture covers and that nothing is stacked on top of them. This will help ensure that they’re well-protected while in storage.


Antique rugs are a rarity, especially considering just how much use rugs typically get. If you’re lucky enough to be storing an antique rug, take great care. Rugs must be cleaned, vacuumed, and rolled up tightly before going into storage. It’s also recommended to double-wrap antique rugs in plastic wrap to better protect them from moisture in your storage unit. Again, climate controlled storage is well worth it if you’re still looking at self storage prices.


When you need to store an antique mirror or another glass item, it’s important first that you clean it extremely well. Once your antiques are properly cleaned, they need to be covered with bubble wrap or another form of protective covering and then secured with plastic wrap or packing tape. It’s also possible to acquire boxes specifically designed for mirror storage, so don’t hesitate to look into your options there.

Paper Goods

Antique books are incredibly valuable, which means their time spent in self storage companies needs to be carefully curated. Like antique art, antique books are incredibly susceptible to moisture damage. Again, we can’t recommend climate controlled storage enough for these items. Books should also be wrapped individually in acid-free paper and placed within a plastic bag when they go into storage. From there, place them in an airtight container so they stay completely dry and in mint condition.

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