How to Cut Down on Stress During a Big Move

Moving is always stressful; there’s no way around it. But you can minimize stress during a big move with careful planning and a measured approach. Here are some ideas from the experts at Markham Self-Storage.

How to Destress When Moving

Declutter Before Packing

Going through your belongings before packing them to get rid of clutter means you’re hauling less with you when it’s time to move. Many people feel a cathartic sense of relief after decluttering that decreases their overall stress level. Plus it gives you a chance to donate items that would be more useful to someone else.  Once you have a sense of what you’re keeping (and what you no longer need), you’ll have a better idea of what the packing process will look like.

Label and Pack Like Items

Sure, there will be a few boxes with a hodgepodge of items (probably from the kitchen junk drawer or maybe the bedside table), but as much as possible, pack like items with like. Packing and labeling boxes by room generally makes unpacking and unloading items much easier when you get to your new place. You can add additional details on each box to list what’s in there by adding large, clearly visible labels. 

It may also be a good idea to label more than one side of the box, so you can see what’s inside no matter which way the box is facing in storage.

Consider a Moving Truck and/or Trailer 

Moving truck and trailer rental may seem like an unnecessary expense if you’ve had friends and family agree to help you move in the past. But part of what makes a move so stressful is when volunteers’ plans change, causing your support to fall through. Conversely, investing in a moving truck and/or trailer rental means the packing, transporting, and unloading of boxes, furniture, and whatever else you’re moving is more likely to happen on your schedule.

Rent Storage Space 

Depending on your timetable, storage rentals near where you’re currently living or where you plan to move can be a great stress reliever when planning a big move. Renting a storage unit:

  • Guarantees you’ll have a place to keep things, even if there are hiccups around when you can move into your new place
  • Offers the option of climate-controlled storage to protect temperature-sensitive belongings
  • Provides added security beyond leaving your packed valuables around the house or in a vehicle

Along with these benefits, having the option of storage rental helps you manage clutter and doesn’t put as much pressure on you or your family to unpack and remove boxes immediately. You can unpack at your own pace and enjoy more of your space while adjusting to new places and routines after you move.

Reliable Self-Storage in Jackson, TN

If you’re planning a move in or near Jackson, TN, Markham Self-Storage is here to help you get things done. We offer affordable storage units to protect your valuables while you check off your moving to-do list and get ready for an exciting new chapter. 

Along with increased security and 24/7 access, we can make packing and storage easier by offering supplies on site. You don’t have to handle moving alone. Contact Markham Self-Storage and start planning your big move with confidence.

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