How to Avoid Renting the Wrong Size Unit

If you’re investing in a unit at your local storage company for the first time, it’s essential to make sure you’re renting a storage unit that’s the right size. How can you be sure you’re not renting the wrong size unit? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Rent the Right Size Storage Unit

Know What You Need to Store

The most important thing you need to know when it comes time to look at self-storage prices is what you need to store. If you don’t have a good idea of what items you’re going to be putting away, then you’re not ready to rent a storage unit. Instead of throwing caution to the wind and picking a random size storage unit, have a definitive list of items you want to store. Even a loose list is better than no list at all when it comes to picking the right size storage unit for your things. In addition, you’ll want to take rough measurements of any larger items that need to be stored away. For instance, if you need to put a couch or a few lounge chairs into storage, take their rough height, width, and depth measurements. Doing so will ensure that you’re looking at units with enough space for everything you potentially need to store inside. Still not sure you’re capable of picking the right size unit? Here are a few storage scenarios to consider.

You Need to Store Seasonal Items or Equipment

Seasonal decorations and equipment may have their time in the sun, but what happens when that time is over? If you’re planning on storing these items for the coming season, you’re going to need a good storage unit. Lawn equipment like mowers and snow blowers will need to be swapped out along with your indoor and outdoor decor. And they might not have a place in your garage when the seasons change. For smaller pieces of equipment and decorations, it’s likely that you’ll only need about 25 square feet or so of storage space for rent. This size unit is excellent for storing things like seasonal decorations, camping gear, and other household items that you don’t have a ton of space for.

You Need to Store Furniture from a Single Room

Clearing out a single room in your home for renovations isn’t a big deal, but you might not have space for all of that furniture elsewhere. If you need to store a few large pieces of furniture or a furniture set, a 25 square foot space might not be enough. A more realistic option for this kind of storage is about 50 square feet or so. Larger pieces, such as a living room or dining room set, may even require a larger space than that. The key is to look at storage for rent that will allow you to store your furniture comfortably. Not only will this make transporting your items in and out of storage easier, but it will also reduce the likelihood of damage while they’re in storage. 

You Need to Store the Contents of a House

If your entire house needs to be cleared out, storing items from several rooms is going to take quite a bit of storage space. Even if you live a relatively minimalist lifestyle, stuff has a way of accumulating to fill the space you occupy. In this case, you might be looking at a storage unit with anywhere from 150 to 200 square feet of space. In some cases, you may even require multiple storage units to keep all of your belongings safe.

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