How Plastic Wrap Helps Your Stored Items

When you’re preparing your belongings for a stay with your local storage company, it’s important to make sure they’re properly protected. That’s where plastic wrap comes in. Here are a few ways that plastic wrap can help your items in storage.

What Are the Benefits of Plastic Wrap on Stored Items

Water Resistance

One of the best things about plastic wrap is that it’s water resistant. Similar to placing your items in plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes, wrapping items in plastic wrap can help eliminate the possibility of water damage during their stay in storage. If a cardboard box is all that you have on hand to store your belongings, consider wrapping it in plastic wrap to create a watertight seal around it. Not only can this help protect the items inside, but it can protect the box itself from damage and decay. As long as everything inside of your boxes is dry, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.


One of the best things about plastic wrap is its flexibility. When you rent storage space, not everything fits neatly into a box. When you want to make sure your belongings stay safe and unharmed by moisture damage, it’s important that they have at least some kind of barrier against the elements. Since plastic wrap is so flexible, it’s easy to make sure that every item, no matter its shape or size, can be protected from the elements while it’s in storage. Using plastic wrap, you can create a watertight barrier around even the most oddly shaped items you have in storage. When you need to make sure water damage doesn’t get the best of your belongings, plastic wrap is the solution you need.

Increased Structural Stability

Nervous about stacks of boxes toppling over while they’re in storage? While it’s a good idea to keep your stacks short, using plastic wrap to bind boxes together can help increase the structural stability of your stacks. If you have a few boxes plastic wrapped together at the bottom of a small stack of boxes, the structure is likely going to be much more stable than it would be if they were all left loose. It might seem like a simple trick to use in your storage for rent, but the truth is that this one simple trick could help keep your belongings a little bit safer while they’re in storage.


Finally, using plastic wrap on your belongings in storage is cost-effective. Looking at self storage prices can be intimidating at first, so you might want to save money in other areas when you can. When you use plastic wrap, you’re investing in a cost-effective solution to the issue of water damage for your belongings. In addition, wrapping items in plastic wrap typically isn’t a time-consuming activity. If you can’t afford to invest in new storage containers, plastic wrap can be a great supplement that really doesn’t cost much at all.

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