How Many Units Do You Need for Your Self-Storage?

Are you looking into local storage company options but unsure of how many units you need? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips to help you accurately determine how many units you need for self-storage.

Consider What You Need to Store

Before you jump the gun and rent 10 storage units, you need to consider what you actually need to store. Whether you’re still in the planning stages or you’ve already decided on a self-storage company, it’s critical to have a concrete list of belongings that you need to store outside of your home. When you’re prepared with a solid list of items, you won’t be taken aback by just how much storage space you end up needing or not. The best way to make your list is by doing a simple walkthrough of your home. If you’re thinking about storing an item, write it down as you walk by. Once your preliminary list is complete, go back through it again and determine what definitely needs to go in storage and what you want to keep with you. It might seem like a time-consuming activity, but you’ll thank yourself later. When you’re looking at self-storage prices, an accurate list of what you want to store can help you get a more precise quote for your storage needs. It can also better inform your self-storage company as to what size unit would best suit you.

Measure the Items You’re Storing

If you really want to learn how many storage units you need, measuring the items you want to store is a crucial step to take. Not only can it inform you as to what size storage unit you’ll need, but multiple large items may not fit into one unit together. If you’re just putting a few plastic bins into storage, you probably don’t need to spend any time with this activity. But if you’re storing furniture, large works of art, or heavy equipment, you’re definitely going to need this information before you head out to your local self-storage company to rent a storage unit. Fortunately, taking measurements is a pretty simple task. Using a measuring tape, measure the height, width, and depth of the items that you’re storing. Depth might not seem important at first, but it could help you determine how many large items you can put in one unit safely. Once you have your measurements, you and your self-storage professional can determine how many units would appropriately house the items you need to put away.

Research Storage Unit Sizes

Now that you have your list of belongings and all of their measurements at the ready, you can start looking at different storage unit sizes. If the storage facility you’re looking at only has one size unit, it’s possible that you’ll need multiple units to house all of the belongings you need to store. Fortunately, storage for rent typically comes in a few different standard sizes. For smaller items, a 5×5 unit will likely do the trick. If you’re storing the contents of a large apartment or small house, on the other hand, you might be better off with a few 12×30 storage units. The size of your storage unit (or units) will depend on what your storage facility has available and what you need to store. If your storage company has one large unit available, it’s possible that you’ll have more than enough space. Regardless, size is an important consideration when deciding how many storage units you’ll need.

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