For Better Access and Airflow, Turn your Spring Cleaning into Seasonal Cleaning

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For Better Access and Airflow, Turn your Spring Cleaning into Seasonal Cleaning

Storage units are great for keeping things that you do not have room for at your home or office. However, just because they are out of sight does not mean that they should be out of mind. You keep things in your storage unit because you feel that you will have need or want for them some time in the future; you want to keep these belongings in good condition.

Placing things in storage and forgetting about them can force us to lose possessions due to time and disrepair. While we take the time for spring cleaning, it makes sense to also maintain and clean our storage units seasonally.

How to Organize and Clean Your Storage Unit

You could go into your storage unit like a ghostbuster ready to attack anything that may be a ghost of the past. Or you can have a plan for how to organize and seasonally clean your affordable self-storage unit.

1. Be in the Right Mindset to Get the Job Done

When it comes time to clean your storage unit, it is important to be in the right mindset to get the job done properly. Not only are you cleaning away dust and organizing from a season of throwing things in the unit, but you are accessing what is in the unit and moving things around for better flow. This includes scheduling time to get the job done and enlisting reinforcements for help.

2. It’s a Great Time to Get Rid of Things

Seasonal cleaning is a good time to look at the contents of your storage unit and determine if there are any items that you are ready to donate, sell, discard, or continue storing.

3. Rotate Your Contents

Rotating the contents of your storage unit is done for a few reasons. First of all, moving things around allows you to clean all areas of your unit and assess for any damage due to lack of airflow. Second, this allows you to move things that you need to access closer to the front of your storage unit. Lastly, this allows you to move items that you rarely need to the back or sides of the unit where they are out of the way.

4. Consider Taking Everything Out

Even though your unit may stay closed most of the year, it may get dusty or have cobwebs. Moving everything allows you to sweep out the unit and start with a fresh pallet.

5. How Are Your Items Doing?

Take a look at how the contents of your belongings are doing in storage. Some items may not handle the heat or extreme cold very well and you may want to consider moving your belongings to a climate controlled unit.

6. Map Out Your Unit

When you reassemble your unit, make a map of where all your belongings are and keep it on a wall of the storage unit. This way, you can look at the map when you come looking for something and find it with ease.

7. What to Store Each Season

Depending on where you live, seasons can change drastically. In Jackson, Tennessee – the home of Markham Self Storage – seasons can change swiftly from one to another. For that reason, we will look at seasonal storage for spring/summer and fall/winter.

8. Spring/Summer

In the spring and summer, you may want to bring things such as lawn equipment, patio furniture, motorcycles, summer clothing, outside sporting equipment, pool and beach items, boats, fishing equipment, jet skis, and décor for these seasons to the front of your storage unit. You will want to move fall and winter belongings to the back of your unit, but still accessible so it will be less daunting when it comes time to rotate your belongings for the next season.

9. Fall/Winter

In the fall and winter, you will want to bring heavy clothing, snow blowers, rakes and shovels, snowmobile, and holiday décor for these seasons such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to the front. Once you have organized your unit, you can move these boxes to the front and the other season’s items to the back.

When considering all of your storage needs and questions, contact Markham Self Storage. We are here to help you with all of your seasonal needs, even if you need moving supplies or need to rent a U-Haul. Our facility offers many features and our testimonials stand on their own to tell you about our excellent facility.

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