Easiest Items to Store in a Non-Climate Controlled Unit

As you can imagine, climate controlled storage units are necessary for maintaining a wide variety of items and materials, including wooden furniture, paper goods, electronics, antiques, and more. While you can’t go wrong with a climate controlled unit, these units come at a greater cost due to the additional energy they require. In other words, you should only select climate controlled storage rentals if you truly need them. Certain items are simply less prone to the threats of moisture and temperature fluctuations and therefore don’t require this level of environmental regulation. Let’s go over some of the easiest items to store in a non-climate controlled unit.

What You Can Store in a Non-Climate Controlled Unit

Metal or Plastic Furniture

While wooden furniture must be protected from variable humidity levels and temperatures, metal and plastic furniture can withstand these pressures to a far greater degree. While metal can oxidize (rust) over time in extremely humid conditions, metal furniture is unlikely to rust inside a self storage facility — direct moisture from rain and snow pose more of a threat, and your furniture will be safe from these factors inside your unit. Plastic is even less prone to climate-related problems than metal. For instance, mold and mildew will only form on plastic furniture if it’s coated in some source of nutrients (i.e., dirt, food particles). As long as your plastic furniture is thoroughly cleaned prior to storage, then climate control won’t be necessary.

Lawn Equipment/Vehicles

Mowers, weed whackers, tractors, and other lawn equipment can also be stored in a non-climate controlled unit without any major risk. After all, these items are primarily built from metals, plastics, and rubber — all materials that hold their own against variable climate conditions.

Durable Tools

Various tools such as wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, and drills also tend to do just fine in a non-climate controlled storage unit, especially if they’re already secure inside a high-quality toolbox. Once again, metal components aren’t typically in any danger from changes in humidity or temperature.


Dishes can be made from a variety of materials. Generally speaking, though, most standard dishes are either composed of plastic or ceramic materials like porcelain or bone china. While some ceramics can undergo mold over time in extreme conditions, they’re unlikely to do so when properly stored in a secure unit, regardless of climate control. So, unless you’ve got a collection of wooden plates and other kitchen wares, your dishes shouldn’t require climate controlled storage.

Anything Being Stored for the Short Term

Ultimately, climate controlled secure self storage is a good investment if you plan on storing items for a long time. Otherwise, you probably don’t need to go this route, even if you’ve got wooden, paper, or electronic goods. A few weeks inside a non-climate controlled unit isn’t likely to harm your stuff. At Markham Self Storage, we offer climate controlled units to our clients not only to protect their valuable things but also to give them peace of mind. We also offer standard non-climate controlled units for those who don’t feel the need to go the extra mile.

Regardless of your requirements, if you need to rent storage space in the Jackson, TN, area, contact us today!

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