Don’t Trash Your Treasure: Storing Valuable Antiques

If you’re in Jackson, TN and need to rent storage space for your valuable antiques, it’s incredibly important that you do so carefully. Not sure how to store antiques? Here are a few tips to help you out.

How to Store Valuable Antiques

Find a Secure Storage Facility

One of the most important things to remember when you’re looking at storage space for rent for antiques is security. Valuable antiques aren’t easily replaceable, so before you commit to one self storage company’s services, make sure you do a little bit of research first. What kinds of security measures does the storage company you’re considering have in place? The best way to find out is to schedule an in-person visit to the facility. When you’re there, make a point to ask about individual storage unit security measures and whole-facility security. For individual units, each storage space should be protected by entry code or lock and key. In addition, only authorized individuals should be able to enter the facility to access storage units. As far as whole-facility security measures, make sure the site is equipped with video surveillance to record any potential incidents of theft. These security measures are going to be essential to protecting your valuables while they’re being stored away.

Use a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Antiques by definition are old and sometimes particularly delicate. This means that almost all of your antique valuables are going to be particularly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity in your storage unit. If the humidity level gets too high, your wooden antiques will likely warp beyond repair. In addition, paper and fabric goods may start to mold and rot away if they’re old enough. Metal components may also begin to rust without proper climate control inside of your storage unit. The simplest solution is to invest in a climate-controlled storage unit in order to protect these valuable antiques that may be close to your heart. 

Prepare Your Antiques for Storage Carefully

It’s crucial to prepare your antiques for storage before placing them in your unit. This is especially important if you’re storing antiques with delicate moving parts or that are made of wood. First, make sure that everything has been cleaned and dusted. Storing items that haven’t been cleaned can not only cause cleanliness issues in your storage unit, but it could also harm your antiques. Dirt, dust, and other contaminants that are left on your belongings could lead to rotting and other damage while they’re in storage. In addition, you need to make sure everything you’re storing is nice and dry. Even in a climate-controlled storage unit, a little bit of leftover moisture could lead to mold. If you’re storing antique clothing, make sure it’s placed in a garment bag and hung up or placed within a plastic container to keep as much moisture out as possible. When in doubt, clean and dry is the best way to store antiques.

When you store valuable antiques somewhere outside of your home, it’s important that you do so with extreme care. If you need to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN or have questions about antique storage best practices, contact our team at Markham Self-Storage today.

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