Do I Need to Rent a U-Haul?

Let’s face it, moving is a hassle. In fact, experts at Dartmouth College put it on the shortlist of most stressful life events. From finding boxes to finding friends to move your couch, a successful move adds up to a long to-do list. One way you can make it easier on yourself is by opting for a size-appropriate trailer rental to simplify your moving process.

Keep reading to learn why a U-haul rental is a no-brainer when it comes to moving in the Jackson, TN area.

When Should You Rent a U-Haul?

If you have more stuff than will fit in the back of a close friend’s pickup truck, it’s the right call to rent a U-haul. In our experience, you generally have more to move than you think you do, resulting in many frustrating trips to and from your new place. And let’s face it, your friend with the pickup truck probably isn’t thrilled to be spending their free time carting your stuff around.

Make your friends happy and save yourself hours of moving time by choosing a U-haul rental for your next move.

How a U-Haul Rental Simplifies Your Move

Fewer Trips

U-haul rentals enable you to move all your stuff in one trip, making an easy exit from your current residence to your new one. This saves you gas, time, and frustration, simplifying your move with ample loading box space and a comfortable cab to get you there.

Tie Downs and Rub Rails

Each U-haul rental is equipped with ties downs and rub rails, allowing you to anchor your heavy furniture to the truck and eliminating tipping and damage when safely loaded.

Easy-Ride Suspension

Not all trucks are created equal, and our trailer rentals offer easy-ride suspension and well maintained trucks. Better vehicles and smoother suspension means fewer broken dishes and an easier time for your larger items as well.

Convenient Ramp & Low Loading Deck

Believe us when we say you want a ramp and a low loading dock when choosing from a variety of moving trucks. When you add a hand cart rental, you can roll your heavy loads in and out of your truck and right up the stairs to your new place. At the end of the day your knees, back, and moving buddies will thank you, we promise.

Easy Return, Even For One-Way Moves

With U-haul rental locations across the country, it’s easy to return your truck when you’ve unpacked it. Most U-haul rental facilities offer 24 hour drop-off, ensuring you don’t get charged for time you don’t need.

Let Markham Self Storage Simplify Your Move

The team at Markham Self Storage has everything you need for an easier move in West Tennessee. From trailer rentals to moving supplies we can simplify your move, saving you time and hassle. Not enough space in your new place? Our high quality, cheap storage units can care for your stuff until you’re ready for it again. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to sign a storage rental lease.

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