Do I Need Self-Storage Insurance?

When you’re getting ready to bring your belongings to your local storage company, it’s important to consider whether or not you need insurance. If you’re not sure whether you need insurance, here are a few key reasons to consider making the investment.

When You Need Self-Storage Insurance

You’re Storing Valuable Items

Value can mean a lot of different things. For some people, the items they place in storage have high sentimental value. For others, storage may be a way to protect items that have a high monetary value. The point is that if you’re putting anything of value into a storage unit for rent, then you should absolutely consider investing in an insurance policy. Whether you’re storing an expensive electronic device or a painting that has a lot of sentimental value to you, it’s important to protect your belongings and your finances from harm. Not only will an insurance policy give you some peace of mind while your belongings sit in storage, but it will offer you some important financial security if anything should happen to your belongings while they’re stored away.

You’re Worried About Extreme Weather

When you’re looking at self-storage prices, you’re probably not taking the weather into account. But once your belongings are safely stowed away, weather conditions might creep up on your list of concerns. Extreme weather events like floods, fires, and tornadoes aren’t exactly conditions that you can predict. If you want to make sure you’re not losing your belongings and your money, then it could be worth thinking about investing in an insurance policy to make sure you’re protected. Even normal weather conditions can present concerns for your belongings, though. For example, an excess of moisture in your storage unit could render paper products and photographs completely useless in the future if you’re not careful. On the off chance that there’s something of value to you in your storage unit, an insurance policy could help you out in the event of water damage.

You’re Concerned About Burglaries

Burglaries are an unfortunate risk that comes with self-storage at times. Despite excellent security practices, it’s still possible for a burglary to happen at self-storage companies. When you rent a storage unit, it’s important to take security into consideration. An insurance policy could help you replace some of your belongings in the event that they’re damaged or stolen from your storage unit. If this is something you’re worried about and you want to make sure you have some extra protection and peace of mind while your belongings are stored away, it’s a good idea to invest in an insurance policy as soon as possible. When you rent storage space, it’s crucial to take every precaution offered to you by your storage company. Outside of that, an insurance policy can be a big help.

Placing your belongings in storage means they’ll be protected from the elements, but an insurance policy can give you extra protection. If you need to rent a storage unit in the Jackson, TN, area and have questions about self-storage insurance policies, contact Markham Self-Storage today.

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