Do I Need a Storage Unit with Climate Control?

If you need to rent storage space in Jackson, TN, it’s important to consider whether you’ll need climate controlled storage or non-climate controlled storage for your belongings. Here are a few instances in which you should invest in climate controlled storage.

When Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage?

You’re Storing Antique Wooden Furniture

Antiques on their own have already stood the test of time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to sustain damage in the future. When you need to store wooden furniture, especially wooden furniture that’s also antique, climate control needs to be a priority on your self storage company checklist. Humidity is your biggest enemy when it comes to storing any kind of wooden furniture. Changes in humidity and temperature can cause wood to enter a cycle of shrinking and swelling, which can lead to irreparable warping. When you need to store a precious piece of wooden furniture, the last thing you want is for it to come out of storage in an irreparable state. If you fail to make the investment in climate controlled storage for your wooden antiques, you could be risking precious family heirlooms. Even non-antique wooden furniture is susceptible to this kind of damage. A climate controlled storage unit will be well worth the investment if you want to protect a piece of family history.

You’re Storing Electronics

Storing electronics is pretty commonplace, especially if you have an old computer or two that you just don’t have space for right now. Cameras, stereo systems, televisions, and all manner of other electronic items are made up of countless delicate parts, and that means a climate controlled storage unit is a necessity for storing them. If moisture gets inside any of the delicate components of your electronic devices, you could be risking irreversible damage to them. Electronics require very low-humidity environments to function properly. If the humidity levels in your storage unit are too high, you’re not going to be taking your electronics home to use after they’re done with their stint in storage.

You’re Storing Paper Goods

Paper goods are some of the most common items placed in the care of self storage companies. Books, old work papers, photographs, and more can be easily tucked into boxes and stored away for long periods of time. Unfortunately, high humidity levels in a storage unit can wreak havoc on your paper goods. A lack of proper climate control can lead to mold growth, paper wrinkling, and even rotting. You have to be particularly careful with photographs. If one photo starts to rot and other photos are touching it, they could all fall to the same fate. Even if you’re taking precautions like storing your paper goods in plastic bins away from the floor, a climate controlled storage unit is a safety measure you can’t afford to skip.

If you’re nervous about making the investment in a climate controlled storage unit, remember that you’re investing in the knowledge that your belongings are safe and unharmed by climate and other temperature related factors. Need to rent a climate controlled storage unit in Jackson, TN? Contact our team at Markham Self-Storage today.

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