Comparing Trailer/U-Haul Size to Unit Size: Make the Most of Your Rental

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You know that you need a U-Haul for your moving needs, but what size trailer or truck do you need? There are so many sizes and choices out there that it can feel overwhelming if you are not prepared for what lies ahead. However, with a little knowledge and a little bit of preparation, your move can be smoother and you can make more informed choices.

Ways to Calculate Your Needs

When you are getting ready to rent a U-Haul truck or trailer, there are a couple of ways to calculate which unit will best suit your needs. Both ways are determined by how many belongings you have to move, so it is important that you make an inventory, especially of the larger and/or heavier items you have to move. There are two main ways of calculating what truck or trailer you will need.

  • By number of rooms in a home (typically bedrooms): A typical bedroom consists of a queen size bed with frame, a dresser, and two nightstands. There are also the other rooms, such as a dining room, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. If your home has more furniture than a typical home, you may want to consider the next size up.
  • By cubic feet: If you are more comfortable with measurements and calculations, then this is the way to go. There are online calculators on how to take your list of belongings and figure the cubic feet of space you will need. The general rule is about two hundred cubic feet of space per furnished room. Since this is only an estimate, you should stick with the calculators and a very detailed list. You may also want to put in some wiggle room just to be safe.

Sizes and Capacities of U-Haul Trucks and Trailers

Now that you know what belongings you need to take with you, it is time to know what trucks and trailers are on offer. Here is a brief breakdown of what each truck or trailer can haul.

  • 8-ft. pick-up truck – This size truck will move a dorm room or studio apartment with ease.
  • Cargo van – Use this when moving a dorm room or a studio apartment, but you still need a little extra room.
  • 10-ft. pick-up truck – This truck will move a one bedroom house in multiple loads for a local move.
  • 15-ft. truck – This enclosed truck will move a small one bedroom apartment.
  • 17-ft. truck – This enclosed truck can move a two or three bedroom apartment or home.
  • 20-ft. truck – This truck has a van cab and can move a three bedroom home.
  • 26-ft. truck – The largest of the fleet can move a four bedroom home, or larger.
  • 4’x8’ cargo trailer – This trailer has a low deck that is great for moving heavy pieces of furniture such as a sofa or a loveseat.
  • 5’x8’ cargo trailer – This wide trailer is great for dining sets, beds, and more.
  • 6’x12’ cargo trailer – The largest trailer is nice for oddly shaped items such as sectional couches, pool tables, pianos, and more.

Other Things to Consider

U-Haul is the only company that allows you to tow a rental trailer behind one of their rental trucks. With this added space, you can include patio furniture, a motorcycle, lawn equipment, everything from the garage, and more. This is also a good place for propane grills and bikes.

The Mom’s Attic in the U-Haul allows you extra space, as well as a place to stash fragile items that you want to keep separate from everything else.

When renting a U-Haul, always consider whether your move is a one-way long distance move that has to be done at one time or if it is a local move that can be done in several trips. Also, don’t forget that with a U-Haul, you get low-decks with easy load ramps and comfort cabs in the larger trucks.

If you need help loading your U-Haul properly, check out this post on how to load a moving truck.  

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