Can Someone I Trust Have Access to My Storage Unit While I’m Away?

When you rent storage space in Jackson, TN, you’re looking for a safe, cheap storage solution. But is it okay to give someone you trust access to your storage unit while you’re away?

Check Your Storage Facility’s Policies

Before you even consider asking someone else to pay a visit to your self storage company, it’s important to review the policies that facility has in place. In many cases, facilities that allow you to rent a storage unit do so under the condition that you are the only person who will have access to it. That being said, it is often possible to specify a few other people who will be able to access your storage unit if you’re unable. If this is an option, there will typically be a section in your rental agreement specifically dedicated to this action. Of course, this is a good idea to consider before renting a storage unit. If your storage facility does allow other people to check in on your unit, then you’ll need to choose carefully. 

If You Have a Trusting Relationship…

If you have a long-standing and trusting relationship with someone you know, it can make sense to share responsibility for your storage unit. In some cases, people may even opt to share a storage unit entirely and store belongings from both parties inside. This is especially feasible if you’re living with a group of friends, potentially in college, and need a common storage space to hold your belongings over the summer.

If You Have a Significant Other…

This can get a little trickier, especially if you plan on sharing a storage unit together. If a relationship ends badly, there could be negative consequences for your belongings. As we discussed above, it’s often only possible to put one person’s name on a storage unit rental agreement as the sole renter. If that’s not you, your ex could end up keeping many of your belongings that were left in storage.

If You Have a Family Member…

This is the most common situation when it comes to allowing someone else to access your storage unit. Say you and your family are moving and need a space for some extra belongings that you don’t want to take with you. On some days, you may not be able to store things or grab things from your unit. In this case, it’s helpful to have your spouse, a sibling, or one of your children pay a visit to your storage facility. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for each member of your family to have their own unit if you’re all moving and living together. 

Finding a storage space for rent can be extremely helpful if you’re in the middle of a big transition period in your life. But as far as trusting someone else to look after it, there’s quite a bit to take into consideration. If you have questions about multiple people having access to your storage unit, you can contact Markham Mini Storage anytime.

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