Best Stacking Boxes and Equipment for Self Storage

When you’re getting ready to bring your belongings to a storage company for an extended stay, it’s important to consider how you’ll organize them and what the best equipment for that organization will be. It’s inevitable that you’ll need to stack a few items, so let’s review the best type of boxes and other equipment you’ll need for stacking items in storage.

How to Properly Stack Boxes

Is It Safe to Stack Boxes in Storage?

Before we dive into the best stacking boxes, we should talk about stacking your belongings safely when you rent a storage unit. For the most part, stacking boxes in your storage unit can be considered safe. So technically, you can stack boxes on top of one another when you rent a storage unit. 

That being said, it’s important that you’re being smart about stacking. Not only will safe stacking practices protect your belongings, they’ll protect you and anyone else venturing into your storage unit. Failing to stack your boxes correctly could present a serious safety hazard. And if boxes fall behind the door of your storage unit, you may find yourself without a way to get inside without damaging something. Unfortunately, that something could end up being your storage unit. Since that’s a situation you don’t want to be in when you rent storage space, it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment for proper storage stacking. 

Plastic Containers Are Best for Stacking

Before you even consider self-storage companies for your belongings, you must invest in the right storage tools. If you’re going to stack boxes in your storage unit, one of those tools is going to be a set of sturdy plastic containers. The more durable these plastic containers are, the better! Cardboard boxes might seem more convenient in a pinch, but they’re also quite prone to collapse, rot, and water damage. If your mind is set on stacking boxes in your storage unit, plastic is going to be a much safer option. Not only will your stacks be more structurally sound, but your belongings within these containers will be much better protected should moisture creep into self storage companies’ units. In addition, plastic storage bins are typically built with grooves on their tops and bottoms, which makes them ideal for stacking on top of one another securely.

Develop a Good Strategy for Stacking Items

While all of your storage containers might be the same size, it’s still important to consider how exactly you’re going to stack them. Without a great strategy, what was the point of looking at self storage prices to begin with? Is there one box that’s heavier or lighter than the rest? Did you need to buy a smaller box for something? If you can identify which boxes are the heaviest and lightest, as well as differences in size, you’ll create a more stable stack of items within your storage unit. Stacking lighter containers on top of heavier ones is beneficial on two fronts. First, you’ll have a stable stack to work with. Second, you’ll avoid damaging your precious items. If you stack heavier items on top of lighter ones, you’re almost guaranteed to bring a broken item home with you. When you have a great stacking strategy for your plastic storage bins, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safely stacked in storage.

Stacking boxes in your storage unit is perfectly fine as long as you’re doing it safely. If you need to rent storage space in the Jackson, TN area and have questions about storage best practices, contact Markham Self Storage today.

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