A Guide to Self-Storage Packing Supplies

If you need to rent storage space in Jackson, TN, making sure you have the right materials to pack your belongings in is critical. Not sure what you need for proper storage? Here are a few items to put on your packing list.

The Best Self-Storage Supplies

Plastic Storage Bins

It might seem easier to thrift some cardboard boxes from your local grocery store or liquor market, but the truth is that if you’re putting items in storage, you want containers that are as waterproof as possible. Cardboard might be cheap, but it breaks down easily when it’s exposed to any kind of moisture. Even in a climate controlled storage unit, it’s possible that your cardboard boxes could break down or become susceptible to rot if left in a pile on the floor. So to be safe, it’s always a good idea to invest in plastic bins when you need to rent a storage unit. Not only will your belongings stay dry, but you’ll be able to see into each container if you purchase clear plastic bins, as well.


Whether you choose to use some duct tape and a marker for labeling or you buy a fancy labeling tool, this is one packing item you absolutely can’t forget when it comes to storage space for rent. Making sure you have a good labeling system in place before you put any of your belongings into storage. When you’re labeling your bins, it’s important to be as specific as possible. Instead of using one-word labels, make them a little bit more detailed. If there are only a few items in each bin, list them all out on your label. It’s better to be more detailed than not detailed enough. This will help you spend less time looking for your belongings when you’re ready to take them home again.

Packing Paper

If you’re storing delicate items or you want to make sure individual items don’t bump against each other while they’re in storage, packing paper is going to be an incredibly useful resource. In fact, we’d argue that this is one of the most important materials you can invest in when you’re placing precious items in storage. Whether you’re storing holiday decorations or precious trinkets in your unit, it’s important to make sure they come out in the same condition they were in when you packed them up. 

Furniture Covers

No matter what kind of furniture you’re storing in your unit, it’s important to make the investment in furniture covers. Not only will these covers protect your furniture from dust and debris in your storage unit, but they’ll also help prevent scuffs, scratches, and dents in your furniture if another item bumps against it while in storage. Ideally, you should make sure there’s enough space around your furniture so that nothing is touching it. And if you’re storing wooden furniture, it’s a good idea to invest in soft furniture covers to avoid any kind of scratching before your items are even in storage.

If you want to make sure all of your belongings stay safe in storage, it’s critical to make sure you have these packing materials handy. Need to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN? Contact our team at Markham Self-Storage today.

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