6 Ways Markham Self Storage Can Simplify Your Move

In our experience, no one looks forward to moving – it requires a ton of time, effort, and organization to move your stuff from point A to point B. From decluttering to packing to unloading, let’s face it – a successful move has a lot of moving pieces.

The team at Markham Self Storage can help simplify your move with all the tools and supplies you need to relocate with minimal hassle and damage. Read on to learn why contacting Markham is the best thing you can do as preparation to make your move.

  1. Trailer Rental

Just because you’re planning to move without a moving company, doesn’t mean every aspect of your relocation needs to be DIY. Choosing the right equipment such as a U-Haul rental, hand cart, straps, and blankets can mean the difference between a simple, successful move or a stressful move with broken belongings on the the other side. Let the team at Markham Self-Storage set you up for success by advising and providing everything you need to streamline your relocation.

  1. Moving Supplies

Sure, it’s tempting to save money by scrounging up boxes from your friends and neighbors and wrapping your stuff in a thin sheet of newspaper. The truth of the matter is that skimping on the right packing materials can cost you far more money in damaged belongings down the road. Markham Self Storage sells affordable boxes and packing supplies, eliminating the need to hunt for boxes and ensuring your stuff is properly packed for a secure move.

  1. Storage Rental

If your move is a bit complicated or your new place doesn’t have enough space, Markham Self Storage has quality, cheap storage units which allow you to park your extra items as needed for whatever length of rental you choose. According to our ample reviews, our climate-controlled, cheap storage solutions are the best in North Jackson, TN.

  1. 24 Hour Access

Need to access your boxes after hours or return a truck after our team has left for the day? Markham Self Storage offers 24 hour access with 24 hour security monitoring, ensuring you can access your unit or drop off your truck without worry or hassle. Our facility is both safe and easy to access for our clients, making it the obvious choice to meet your storage rental needs in Jackson, TN.

  1. Knowledgeable Staff

Confused about the best way to successfully execute your next move? The team at Markham Self Storage can help. We can advise on the correct moving truck size for your belongings, suggest the best packing supplies, and store your stuff in a climate controlled storage rental until you’re ready for it again.

  1. Peace of Mind

One of the worst parts of moving is stressing out about it, turning every detail over in your mind to ensure it goes well. When you partner with Markham Self Storage, you’ll sleep easier knowing that you have everything you need to move with confidence and ease.

Contact Markham!

We’re ready to help you move in West Tennessee! Give us a call at 731-664-0068 to learn more about our cheap storage units, U-Haul rentals, trailer rentals, and more.

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