5 Unexpected Reasons You May Need Self-Storage

If you’ve ever needed to rent storage space in Jackson, TN, you know that there are plenty of reasons why someone might need some extra space. But have you ever considered some of the more unexpected ones? Here are a few more unexpected reasons people might use self storage companies.

Surprising Reasons for Using Storage

You’re Being Evicted

While moving is a pretty common reason to seek out storage space for rent, eviction brings with it a whole new set of stressors. For one, being served an eviction notice means that you’ll need to move as soon as possible. And it’s not exactly easy to set up new living accommodations in such a short period of time. So if you’re in a temporary living situation, you might not have enough space for all of your belongings. This is where your local self storage company comes in. When you can store larger items and some more valuable belongings in a storage unit, you’re buying yourself some time to get a new living situation sorted out.

You’re Staging a Home for Sale

Staging houses for sale is a big undertaking, and it typically requires nearly emptying out the house that needs staging. That means old furniture, personal belongings, and all other kinds of items will need to be placed in storage during showings. And while the house itself might have some storage, you’ll want that space empty as well in order to showcase it to potential buyers. The idea behind staging a house is to let potential buyers see what kind of space they’d be working with and to allow them to see a blank canvas they can customize to their liking. So if you’re staging a home for sale, then it’s probably a safe bet to invest in storage space for rent.

Your Relationship Just Ended

While most people invest in storage after they’ve moved in with a significant other, it’s also pretty likely that you’re going to need storage in the event of a breakup, too. If you suddenly need to move out of the space you shared with your significant other, a storage unit is going to be incredibly useful while you get back on your feet and find a new space to call your own. Whether you’re taking large pieces of furniture with you or there’s just not enough room in your car or at a friend’s place for your belongings, looking to rent storage space is going to be a smart move. 

Your House Is Just Too Cluttered

While most of these scenarios involve moving, you don’t have to be relocating to make good use of a self storage unit. If you simply need more space in your home, a storage unit is an excellent option to consider. Cluttered closets, basements, and guest rooms can make for a cluttered life. Decluttering can be therapeutic, but if you don’t want to trash everything you own then a storage unit is going to be a good investment to make. You can store everything from seasonal decorations to lawn and home maintenance equipment in a storage unit, too.

Your Home Is Being Renovated

Whether you’re repairing water damage or installing new kitchen cabinets, remodeling projects can get messy. If you want to protect your belongings from the hazards of the construction site that is currently your home, a storage unit can help you do just that. You can store larger pieces of furniture and personal items that used to live in the room that’s being worked on until the work is complete.

If you need to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN or have questions about when it’s appropriate to use storage services, contact our team at Markham Self-Storage today.

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