5 Storage Resolutions for the New Year

If you’re in the habit of making resolutions for the new year and you need to rent storage space in Jackson, TN, making sure you create a few storage goals is an important step to take. Not sure where to begin? Here are five storage resolutions to consider for the new year.

What to Do With Storage Before New Years

Replace All of Your Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes might be convenient, but they’re not exactly conducive to long-term storage. Not only are they prone to break down over time if they have heavy items in them, but even a little bit of moisture can lead to rot and mold if you’re not careful. If protecting your precious belongings is one of your goals heading into the new year, then replacing cardboard storage boxes should be the first thing you do. Make sure you’re investing in sturdy plastic bins for your belongings!

Get Rid of Duplicates

Duplicate items have no place in your house. If you find yourself dealing with two of everything and subsequently too much of some things, it’s time to say goodbye to a few items. If you’re having trouble deciding what stays and what goes, make sure you’re favoring function above all else. If you have a newer duplicate of an item you use often, then keep that one. Of course, this doesn’t mean your duplicates are all garbage-bound. Keeping one in storage can save you from buying a replacement when the item you’re using meets its end.

Get Organized

Whether you’re using storage space for rent or you’re just trying to create more space in your basement, getting organized is one of the best storage resolutions you can make for yourself. One of the best purchases you can make to help you here is a set of storage shelves. Getting everything up off the floor and organized on these shelves can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your belongings organized and giving you more space to work with.

Purge Items You No Longer Need

Is your storage unit getting a little bit cluttered? It could be time to turn over a new leaf and purge some items that you haven’t used or needed in a long time. A good rule of thumb is to consider whether you’ve used or thought about the item in question over the last six months or so. If you haven’t, then it could be time to say goodbye. Not only will this help you live a less cluttered lifestyle, but it will free up some space in your unit at the self-storage company you’re using for items you really do need to put away.

Store Seasonal Decorations as Soon as You Take Them Down

Sometimes taking down your seasonal decorations isn’t the issue. Putting them away after the fact is. One of the best things you can do to decrease clutter and better organize your home is to store your seasonal decorations as soon as you’re done taking them down. Make an afternoon of it! This will ensure that your house is ready for the next round of decorations and free of out-of-season clutter.

Setting resolutions for the new year can be exciting! And when you’re committed to keeping your house and your storage space tidy, those resolutions can really help you out.. Need to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN? Contact our team at Markham Self-Storage today.

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