When You Aren’t Out on the Water This Summer, Keep Your Boat Safe in One of Our Storage Units

A boat is a major purchase which allows you to spend your weekends on the water, exploring the lakes and rivers of West, TN. If you’re like most boat owners, you want to protect your investment from the elements, ensuring years of family fun on the water with minimal repairs or maintenance issues.

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your boat is to store it in an enclosed and covered area such as a garage or shed. Unfortunately, most boat owners don’t have the space for indoor, on-site boat storage. This is where a storage rental from Markham Self Storage can provide the ideal solution. Keep reading to learn more about how our facility can protect your boat from the elements all while allowing you to grab it anytime you’re ready to hit the water.

How Cheap Storage Can Solve Your Boat Storage Needs

The cheapest way to store your boat is in your own driveway, with a custom-fitted cover. However, this option isn’t for everyone and certainly isn’t the best way to protect your boat. Some neighborhoods have ordinances which don’t allow for recreational vehicle storage and even a quality boat cover doesn’t protect the bottom of your boat. This means that your investment will be subject to sun fading, storm damage, and harsh weather. When the weather turns cooler, rodents seek out a warm place to nest and your boat may be exactly what they’re looking for. Their need to chew can lead to upholstery damage, gnawed-up engine wires, and overall costly repairs.

Why Markham Self Storage Is the Perfect Solution

When your boat isn’t being used in and around Jackson, TN, the best place for it is indoors and out of the elements. Markham Self storage offers high quality, storage rentals that can easily hold your boat as well as your skis, tubes, lifejackets and other water accessories. By taking the time to set up your rental storage space as you intend to use it, you can create a place for all your summer or off-season toys including bikes, boards, gardening gear and more. Many of our clients purchase and install sturdy shelving in their storage units and use well-labelled plastic totes to make accessing their storage items quick and easy.

Our facility is safe and secure, so you can rest easy knowing your boat, and any other items you place in storage, will stay just as you left them until you return. Our storage rentals feature 24/7 monitoring, a code-accessed gate and high fencing to ensure that our clients and staff are the only ones on the premises.

Call Our Team Today to Learn More

We are one the most affordable and knowledgeable storage companies in the Jackson, TN area and would love to discuss ways in which we can meet your storage needs. Give us a call at 731-664-0068 to talk about the items you intend to place in storage and how you plan on accessing them. Once we understand your storage needs, we can provide you with options and solutions.

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