What to Do if Your Belongings are Damaged During a Move

Dealing with Moving Damages

Moving is a messy process. Packing takes forever, there’s so much cleaning to do, and driving a moving truck can be exhausting. But on top of that, your treasured belongings can potentially be damaged in the transition. What should you do If that happens?

Address Any Obvious Damages

Before you let your Uhaul trailer rental get away, make sure you check that every item you initially packed made it to your final destination. In addition, make sure that every item made it intact. When you work with a moving company, it’s important to take stock of everything before you confirm that nothing was damaged. Take your time sifting through boxes and larger items that had to be moved without getting packed up. If you notice any missing or damaged items before the movers head out, make sure you alert them and make a note on the inventory sheet or on your billing statement. It’s key to address these kinds of things directly with whoever helped you move your belongings so you can rest easy knowing that they’ve been notified and you can receive compensation or a replacement for broken or missing items.

Record the Damage You Find

One of the most important steps to take after your belongings have been damaged in a move is recording any damage you find. When you have physical evidence like photos, video content, or even a written description of the damage done, it’s easier to file your claim for compensation. Better yet, if the item is small enough, bring it to the company whose services you utilized so they can see the damage in person when you file your claim. This information will be critical in ensuring you’re accurately compensated for damage done to your personal property.

File Your Claim

Once you’ve notified the moving company of the damages and recorded all of the notes, you need to detail the exact damage done, it will be time to file your claim with the moving company. In most cases, you’ll have a few months after your date or dates of service to file your claim for damages. And remember: when you’re filing your claim, it’s critical to have as much information about the damage done to your personal belongings as possible. If you have photos of the item before it was damaged and after, that’s even better. And even though you may have a few months to file your claim, it’s better to do it as soon as possible. That way the event will be fresher in the movers’ minds and in yours.

Consider Using Self-Storage Next Time

When you don’t want to hire a moving company or look for Uhaul trailer rentals, self storage services can be an excellent interim holding place for your extra belongings. Not only will you have more control over how your belongings are moved, but you’ll also be the only person with access to them while they’re in your storage unit.

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