What Type of Organizer Are You?

When it comes to organization, we all have our different styles. Some of us are meticulously tidy whereas others just shuffle enough stuff around to make a path to the door. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. Keep reading to find out what type of organizer you are.

The Unorganized Organizer

You never put your car keys in the same place, and you always have trouble finding them. Empty clothes hangers populate your closet, and you have random articles of clothing strewn about your closet’s floor. In fact, the majority of your clothes are still sitting in the dryeryou just grab stuff out of there whenever you need it. You lose important documents all the time, but it does not phase you. If someone opens the closet in the guest bedroom, they will be overtaken by an avalanche of… everything. You waste tons of time looking for stuff. Your mom pays your rental storage fees each month, but you lost the key to the lock.

The Anti-Attachment Advocate

You’re not Buddhist, but only because you donated your book on Buddhism. You buy things, only to get tired of them a few months later. Whenever friends come over, they always leave with a bagful of stuff you no longer want. The workers at Goodwill and The Salvation Army know you by name. They raid your donations before putting it in inventory because most of the stuff you donate is brand-spanking-new. You have a storage rental, but it never stays full because you’re always cleaning it out and giving stuff away.

The Neat Nazi

Your coupon book is organized alphabetically, by aisle, and by expiration date. You have scanned and uploaded all of your important documents onto your external hard drive. The top of your refrigerator would pass the white glove test. You clean the bottom of your shoes before you place them back into their box and into your shoe closet. The items in your pantry are sorted with the oldest in the front in neat little rows. Your closet is organized by color, season, and day of the week.

The Recovering Rebel

You try to keep things relatively neat and organized, but they just seem to get out of control often. You realize and accept that you are a junky and unorganized person, but you’re constantly on Pinterest looking for organization tips and tricks. Currently, though, you organize like you play Tetriswhere it fits, it goes. You’ve stopped by a local storage company and inquired about some cheap storage units, but you’re still having a tough time parting ways with some of your stuff.

Tomorrow’s Organizer

You like to have things organized, but it’s not a priority. Your organization intentions are pure, but you just never get things (and keep things) the way you want them. You’ll be on a role, seriously putting a dent in the garage or basement, but then you get distracted. A few days later, things look the same, or worse, than before. You bought several storage bins to house your winter sweaters, but currently, the bins are serving as a junk mail-covered table.

Do any of these organizational styles sound familiar to you? To my great dismay, I am the unorganized organizer, but I wish I was organized, so I guess I’m partially a recovering rebel too. If Martha Stewart ain’t got nothing on you, Hallelujah! However, if you could use a little help in the organizational department, reach out to us. Markham Mini Storage is conveniently located in northern Jackson, Tennessee. Our self storage prices are very competitive, and our customer service is exceptional. Check us out today.

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