True Storage Stories

Have you ever driven by a storage unit and wondered about the stories inside? Have you wondered why each of the renters decided to rent a unit in the first place? Most of the time, a homeowner was just running short on space or wanted to declutter their home. Maybe they just wanted to store seasonal items such as holiday décor, seasonal clothing, and lawn equipment. Whatever the reason, the story is usually very similar.

But there are some instances where a storage unit is more. A storage unit can have profound meaning for many people. These are some of their stories.

The Car Collector

Roy was a middle-aged man when he lost his father to cancer. Roy didn’t have a lot growing up and his father worked hard for everything they had. He was a great father, though. One summer, Roy’s dad found an old junk car for the two of them to work on together. They spent their spare time working on this junk car until it was a work of art. The car was beautiful, but the time Roy and his father spent together working on the car was even more meaningful. Neither of them would trade it for anything. Those were moments they would cherish forever.

When his father died, Roy wanted a secure place to keep his prized possession – the car that he and his father had worked on for so long. He visits it when he wants to be close to his father.

Roy can’t keep the car at his home because he has an old junk truck that he works on with his son over the weekends. Roy’s valuable space is being put to good use for spending valuable time with his son. The storage space allows him the space he needs to store one treasure while working on another.

The Art Collector

Growing up was tough for Sara. She had been a foster child who bounced from home to home. Now that she is grown up, she is trying to make a home for herself. Sara is an artist and, unfortunately, her studio apartment is so small that she cannot afford an art studio.

A friend had an idea of renting a climate controlled storage unit and showcasing her artwork at the storage unit on an appointment basis. With the help of an affordable storage unit, Sara’s art work is being seen and she’s on her way to becoming a serious artist.

Some people use their storage units for unwanted items, but Sara uses her unit to store her dreams and her future.

The Military Life

Naomi has been in the Air Force for fifteen years and is career military. When Uncle Sam tells her where to go, she goes. While she normally has an area that she returns to, she may be sent off for anywhere from six months to several years at a time.

During this time, Naomi needs a secure place to secure all of her belongings. She is unable to visit her belongings on a monthly basis, so she has to be able to put her trust in a reputable storage facility that has security measures to keep her belongings in place and protected.

When Naomi comes home, she wants to be able to pull up to her storage unit with the confidence that her belongings are safe and sound.

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