Tips for Storing Comic Books, Albums, and Collectibles

Your collectibles are rare, maybe even one of a kind. But you only have so much room in your home to stow or display memorabilia.  

That doesn’t mean everything is destined for eBay. Collectible storage, including record albums, comic books, and other keepsakes, can help you protect and preserve your favorite things for years to come. 

Here are some tips from our storage experts on proper collectible packing and storage in your garage, shed, or unit.

Keep Items in Packaging

Most collectors know that keeping unique items in their packaging can maintain and increase their value. But doing so adds benefits when it’s time for storage, too. 

Storing record albums, for example, is much easier and more effective if albums are in their original sleeves. The original packaging was designed to keep your collectibles in mint condition, so it makes perfect sense to pack them in the same sleeve, jacket, or covering for long-term storage.

Keep Moisture Out

Moisture damage can quickly discolor and ruin collectibles. So whether it’s comic storage, record album storage, or wooden antiques, it’s important to take steps to keep all valuables dry. The packaging of the item offers some barrier to moisture, but you can take additional measures to protect your belongings by storing them in moisture-resistant storage containers.

Stay Cool

Storing collectibles like comics or records at room temperature will prevent humidity from rising, which brings another opportunity for moisture intrusion. High temperatures in attics or non-climate-controlled storage units (like a shed or garage) could melt and warp collectibles made from more delicate materials. 

Whichever temperature is best for your belongings, stability is key. Avoid temperature fluctuation to prevent damage, discoloration, and degradation of valuable comics, albums, or other memorabilia.

Don’t Squeeze or Stack

Stable, upright storage is the right choice when storing collectibles. Choose containers that are large enough to store collectors’ items upright, and sturdy enough not to buckle and damage or destroy their contents. 

Depending on the items being stored, and how many you are able to store in one container, you may want to include additional packing materials to prevent settling and shifting within the container after storage.

Invest in Security

Even if collectibles are insured, no one wants to deal with the hassle of tracking down or replacing stolen art, albums, or comics. It’s important to take steps to secure your belongs to protect them from vandalism or theft. 

Investing in something as simple as a lock for your shed or storage unit can offer additional security and peace of mind. If you’re considering a self-storage facility, be sure they are committed to high safety standards. 

Markham Self-Storage can help you protect and prolong the beauty and value of your collectibles with climate-controlled self-storage options. 
Our fenced-in units and electronic, gated entry enhances security and greatly decreases chances of damage and theft. We offer competitive rates, and we will do whatever we can to give you peace of mind while storing your valuable collectibles. Have questions? Contact us for a self-storage estimate today.

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