Tiny Houses and Apartment Living: The Quest for Organized Space

The rising popularity of tiny house and small space living is leading more and more people to downsize and simplify. Often this process leads people to purge and donate a large percentage of their belongings in order to make their new, streamlined lifestyle work. While we’re all for simplicity, we understand the need for extra storage when it comes to heirlooms, seasonal items, tools, and more.

This is where rental storage comes in. Many individuals who are downsizing into small space living utilize cheap storage units for keepsakes and rotational items. Keep reading to learn more about how Markham Self Storage can make tiny house living work for you.

Rental Storage – Your Attic or Garage Away From Home

Small apartments and tiny houses make use of every square inch in a quest for efficiency and organization. Choosing this lifestyle often means losing your garage or attic space, the places where you’d normally store rarely used but needed items. With cheap self storage from Markham, you can rotate your needed items in and out of storage with easy, 24 hour access to our secure storage facility.

Keep What You Need at Hand – at Home

The concept of small space living depends on organization: a place for everything and everything in its place. But as you downsize, what happens to those items you do need to keep for specific circumstances, items such as table saws, paint sprayers, or Christmas trees? When you set up and maintain a well organized self storage unit, these items are still easily within your reach. You simply need to anticipate the needs of each season or project and swing by your storage unit to grab what you need.

If you enjoy the DIY lifestyle, your storage unit rental can become your workshop away from home, allowing you to continue to create decor for your small space or apartment without cluttering your space with the tools you need to do so.

What to Store and What to Keep at Home

Deciding what you truly need is one of the painful processes involved in small space living, but it can be freeing in the end. But how do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of? Or what’s the best process to choose what belongs in your home and what should go in storage? Living an uncluttered lifestyle means filling your smaller space with purpose and intention – just because you love it or you spent money on it doesn’t mean it has to make the cut.

Consider the needs of your desired West TN lifestyle and then purge the items that don’t line up with that vision. Utilize wall space, create intentional zones, and choose smart furnishings with more than one purpose as you set up your new, smaller living quarters. If you feel an item is needed, but is only used seasonally or rarely, sort and label it in an organized fashion and move it into your rental storage unit.

Let Markham Self Storage Help You Downsize

The team at Markham Self Storage is here to help you with your Jackson, TN move. We offer U-Haul rentals, trailer rentals, and cheap storage to make your small-space dreams a reality. If you’re not sure what size rental storage you need, give us a call at 731-664-0068 and let our experts help set you up for success.

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