Store Your Heirlooms with a Mini Storage Unit

Over the course of our lives, we collect precious treasures that remind us of our journeys and experiences. These may be carefully culled collections from our travels, or perhaps a precious china set passed down from our great grandmother. These heirlooms mean the world to us and we use them to remember our stories as we cherish and pass them down to those we love.

Sometimes, however, we may not have the storage and organization space needed to preserve these heirlooms in our homes or apartments. This is when quality, yet cheap rental storage can step in to simplify your life and protect your more precious belongings. Read on to learn how using storage rentals from Markham Self Storage in Jackson, TN can help keep your heirlooms safe, while still being easy to access as needed.

Consider Climate Controlled Rental Storage

Extreme temperatures can cause moisture damage or other issues with your heirloom collection. Over time, drastic rises in temperature can cause cracking and fading of ceramics, glass and paper keepsakes. When it comes to older and more delicate items, we recommend climate controlled rental storage to protect the lifespan and integrity of each piece. Markham Self Storage understands that your heirlooms are irreplaceable and will work with you to recommend the best storage practices to protect your most priceless belongings.

Keep Your Rental Storage Unit Organized

All too often we see people going into rental storage without a plan, something that will frustrate and backfire over time. This is why we recommend setting up a layout of your storage unit before you move in your items, and we encourage our clients to use shelving and plastic tubs to keep their items organized and off the ground. We guarantee you’ll enjoy your storage unit rental so much more when it’s easy to grab the items you need without rifling through boxes or moving things around.

Easy Access When You Need It

Just because you’ve placed an item into rental storage, doesn’t mean it is hard to collect or grab as needed. Markham Self Storage offers 24/7 access to our facility, making it simple to grab a photo, vase, or memento whenever you want. Keep in mind, however, that our storage company is only easy to access for our staff and clients – our strong fences and gates ensure that no one can access your storage unit without your permission. Additionally, Markham Self Storage employs round the clock video surveillance to take the final step in protecting the valuable belongings of our clients.

Contact Markham Self Storage Today to Get Started

If you’re looking for a little extra space to store your heirloom collection, give us a call today at 731-664-0068. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect rental storage unit to meet your unique needs. We are one of the top rated storage companies in the West Tennessee area and our cheap storage solutions come with the highest quality protection and service. If you’re looking for a way to transport your heirloom collection or belongings between homes or to our facility, call us today about our U-Haul rental and trailer rental options.

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