Storage Unit Horror Stories and How to Best Prepare – Break Ins/Theft

People use their storage unit for many different things. A storage unit can be used for storing belongings that are cluttering up the home, as well as storing out of season household items such as boats, clothing, and lawn equipment. But an affordable storage unit has many other uses as well. You can use it as overflow for your growing business, as an extension to an art studio, and even use it to store Christmas gifts.

For these reasons, storage units often attract thieves and burglars. While most self-storage facilities have deterrents in place, break ins and theft still happen. However, there are some steps you can take to lower your risk of becoming a burglary statistic.

Uninvited Visitors

For the majority of the year, you might use your self-storage unit for seasonal items such as storing your décor for different holidays, seasonal clothing, overflow from your home, and some yard equipment. But if you are a bargain shopper and start to shop for Christmas around September, you might even store wrapped presents in your unit to keep your nosy family from peaking into the Christmas bounty.

Imagine that when you visit your unit for a routine check-in, while the lock looks normal at first glance, a closer look reveals that it has been tampered with. When you enter your storage unit, you see that someone has been inside and taken many things – including your wrapped presents. What do you do now? And what could you have done to lower the chances of this happening?

Safety at a Self-Storage Facility

Preventing your storage unit from being broken into begins before you move into the storage unit. Here are a few things to look for and continue doing to help protect your belongings.

  • Fencing – Make sure that your storage facility has perimeter fencing. While this by itself will not keep all thieves away, it is a deterrent. The size and type of fencing is also a factor.
  • Access Restrictions – Along with fencing, storage facilities should have entrances that require codes or cards to enter. This helps restrict the amount of traffic that admitted into the facility.
  • Surveillance Cameras – Any storage facility that wants to help protect your belongings will have closed-circuit surveillance cameras on every corner. This will keep track of the coming and going of every vehicle and person that enters the facility, helping to deter people who are up to no good.
  • Lighting – All areas of the storage facility should be well lit to ensure that there are no dark areas to entice thieves.
  • Hours – While it may seem like an inconvenience sometimes, it’s good to consider a storage facility that locks the gates after a certain late hour. Nobody really needs to get into their storage unit to get their extra blender at 3 AM anyway.
  • Change Things Up – Thieves watch storage facilities and the people who store their belongings there. Do not regularly visit on the same day or at the same time. Bring your belongings in plain boxes or containers. Also, make sure to visit your unit on a regular basis. Report any suspicious people to the office.
  • On-Site Living – Some facilities have managers, maintenance, or security that live on the grounds. This may be an extra deterrent to thieves as there is always someone on the grounds.
  • Locks – While some thieves can get into any lock if they want to, some locks are harder than others. Disc locks are harder to break into and are recommended by some police departments as being a deterrent.

These tips may not prevent all break-ins, but they can help you deter thieves from bothering your storage unit.

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