Storage FAQ: Do Markham Staff Clean in and Around Storage Units?

When you’re looking to rent storage space in Jackson, TN, you might be wondering how clean the facilities are. Fortunately, we can say with confidence that our team at Markham Self-Storage takes pride in keeping storage units and the surrounding facilities clean. Here’s what you need to know.

Pest Control

With the weather warming up, we’re taking extra precautions against pests. The winter months typically see fewer pest issues, but now that the temperatures are rising, bugs and other pests seem to come right out of the woodwork. But when you invest in self storage companies like us, you can rest easy knowing that we take care to make sure proper pest control measures are put in place. It’s our goal to make sure we’re equipped with the proper pest-fighting equipment on our property. This is especially true within each storage unit. If there’s an empty unit, you can be sure we’re taking a look to make sure there aren’t any unwanted guests in there. From working with local pest removal companies to ensuring each unit is properly sealed to the elements, we want to make sure your belongings stay pest-free.

Cleaning Between Tenants

If you’re renting a storage unit, it’s safe to say that you’re not the first tenant to do so. In fact, there were likely multiple tenants before you, and even more before them. That’s why we complete an inspection of every storage unit between tenants. We want to make sure that your new storage unit feels, well, new to you! Once a tenant has gathered their belongings and moved them out of the storage unit, our team will inspect it to make sure nothing was damaged and that the structure is still sound. If there were any messes left behind, we’ll be sure to tidy them up and air out the unit before the next tenant moves in. Not only does this create a better experience for our customers, it ensures that nobody is running into problems with pests or other issues down the line. Cleaning units between tenants is one of the most important activities we carry out here.

Keeping the Grounds

Of course, cleaning up doesn’t stop when we reach the doors of a storage unit. Keeping up with our landscaping and overall greenery management is an important part of creating a great experience for our customers. The grass is cut on a regular basis and trees are pruned to safe standards on our property. Not only does this make for a welcoming view, but it helps us mitigate the risk of pests making their homes near your storage units. In addition, keeping up with our landscaping helps ensure that your storage unit won’t be damaged by falling tree branches or decorated with leaves when you come to check on your belongings.

If you’re looking to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN, or you want to know more about how self storage units are looked after, our team at Markham Self-Storage is here to help.

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