Five Important Features to Look For in a Storage Company

Not all storage companies are made equal. Different ones offer different features to better meet the needs of their target customers. Here are five important features to look for in a storage company.


You may not think that having access to your belongings at all times of the day and night is important, but you’d be surprised. You never know when inspiration will strike and you’ll need to retrieve something. Worse, if an emergency occurs and you have to vacate, you’ll want to be able to grab your stuff at your convenience. Some storage facilities close on Sundays and holidays. Try to find something that allows you to access to your belongings 24/7.  

Climate controlled storage rentals

If you plan on storing valuables such as electronics, photos, furniture, and more, you will want to ensure that you opt for a climate controlled storage rental. The stable temperatures in these units prevent warping, melting, cracking, and other side effects of fluctuating temperatures. Even if you don’t plan on storing these types of items, if you intend on keeping items in storage for more than a few months, a climate controlled unit is the way to go.


Safety is one of the most important things when deciding upon a self storage company. The first order of business would be purchasing a strong and durable lock. Besides that, look for a facility with an electronic gate and a fence or wall around the perimeter of the establishment. For added security, some facilities have video surveillance, alarmed units, gate clickers, and other security measures.


Some storage facilities, especially those with multiple levels, require you to tote your belongings to your unit. For convenience, look for a facility where you can just drive up to your unit and unload. It will make loading and unloading a lot easier. Additionally, many storage companies offer customers the ability to view and pay their bills online, make reservations, and more via a secured online portal. This is much easier than having to drive to the facility each month to make a payment.


A clean facility goes a long way in ensuring your valuables’ preservation while in storage. The storage facility’s office can give you a good idea of the overall cleanliness of the establishment. Bathrooms should be fully stocked and cleaned, the office should be dusted, and the floor should be clean. Outside, pressure washed concrete and a maintained lawn is something to look for. A clean facility is a good indication that the owners are on top of their game. A responsible owner will have a contract with pest control professionals. This is imperative as roaches, moths, rats, and other unwanted critters can wreak havoc on stored items.

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