Spring Cleaning: Go the Extra Mile with Self-Storage Solutions

When you rent storage space in Jackson, TN, you’re usually doing so because you need more space. But did you know that renting a storage unit can help you supercharge your spring cleaning? Here’s how.

Prep for That Big Yard Sale

You’ve been dying to set up a garage sale with all of the junk that you know is hidden away in your house. When it comes time for spring cleaning, where are you going to keep all of that clutter until the big day arrives? Organizing and re-storing in your own home might seem like a simple solution, but the reality is that your belongings just might end up disorganized and cluttered all over again. Instead, renting a storage unit gives you a designated space to keep all of those belongings neat, clean, and organized until you’re ready to host your big yard sale. Not only that, but you’ll be clearing out space in your home for items that DO belong in your attic, basement, or spare closet.

Store Your Seasonal Clothing

Does it ever feel like you don’t have enough closet space for all of the clothing you have? If you answered yes, there’s a good chance you might be faced with the issue of winter sweaters spilling out of drawers everywhere when it comes time to complete your spring cleaning. Instead of shoving your winter clothes wherever they might fit, consider using a storage unit to your advantage. Seasonal clothing — especially winter clothing — can take up a lot of space. When you work with a self storage company, you’re ensuring that you have a place to store and organize your seasonal clothing until it comes time to wear it again. Your closet will definitely thank you.

Protect Your Patio Furniture

If you want your patio furniture to be ready for the summer, having a safe, dry place to store it is essential. Covered with a tarp outside doesn’t count for any of those things. If you’re afraid that spring temperature fluctuations will ruin your favorite patio chairs, using a storage facility to keep them safe and dry is a great idea. Not only does this ensure they’re not exposed to the elements, it can help you assess whether or not you need new patio furniture for the upcoming warm season. When your patio furniture spends a winter in storage, you can take all the time you need come spring to look at how it’s holding up. It could turn out that there was an issue you didn’t see before when you were putting your outdoor furniture away for the winter.

Store Winter Weather Equipment

Even if you have a garage, there’s often not enough space for everything you need to put away come spring. Rather than clutter up your garage with tools, machinery, and other gear designed to weather out winter, consider using a storage unit to put all of those things in until it comes time to use them again. Not only does this ensure your equipment is safe, it makes room for warm-weather equipment in your garage. Bikes, pool toys, and lawn care equipment will all be ready to go for you. And you’ll have the space you need to keep it handy.

If you’re looking to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN, our team at Markham Self Storage is here to help. Spring cleaning obstacles don’t stand a chance when you’ve got a storage solution to help you out.

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