Should I Still Keep a Storage Unit if I Get a Larger Home?

When you rent storage space in Jackson, TN, you’re usually doing so because you need more space. But what happens when you move into a larger home? Here are a few reasons you might want to still keep that storage unit.

Offset the Stress of Moving

While you might not NEED a storage unit after you move into a bigger home, that doesn’t mean it won’t take time to get the move over with. During that time, having a storage unit might actually be a saving grace. Not only do you have security in knowing your belongings are safe, but you might not even know where they’re going to go in your new home yet. And if you’re consolidating living spaces with a significant other for the first time, you might have excess stuff that neither of you need at the moment. The ability to store non-essential items in a space that’s not your living room can be a huge help while you’re settling into your new home and life together. When all of your non-essentials are in a safe, separate space, you can even come back at a later date to sort through them.

You’ve Inherited a House

If someone has bequeathed a home to you in their final will and testament, it can be a big transition. This is especially true if you decide to live in that house, which may be much bigger than your current home. One of the biggest reasons to keep that storage unit is to store items from your loved one’s old home. There may be keepsakes, furniture, and other items that you don’t want in the house when you live there, but that you’re also not ready to part with right away. Placing them in storage can give you the space you need to move your belongings in and the time to process your emotions and move on.

Home Renovations

Moving into a bigger home can be great! But that doesn’t mean your new house doesn’t need a little bit of TLC. If you choose to have parts of your new home remodeled, it won’t matter how big it is. The stuff in those rooms can’t be in there while they’re being torn apart and rebuilt. This is where your storage unit comes into play. With a self storage company unit, you have a place to store those items — likely larger pieces of furniture and art — somewhere safe and free from construction until your home is fully renovated and ready for action. Considering you can store almost anything in a storage unit, it doesn’t matter what part of your home is getting gutted. Your belongings, big and small, will be protected while you perfect your home.

Home Business Storage

Running a business from home is no small task — literally. Business materials can pile up to the point where they take over parts of your house. Even in a bigger house, you’ll need some extra space. Why chance it in your unfinished basement when you could rest easy knowing your business materials are safe in your storage unit? Keeping these items in a storage unit is also an excellent way to stay organized and keep a better track of your business inventory.

If you’re looking to rent a storage unit in Jackson, TN, our team at Markham Self Storage is here to help. No matter the size of your home, we want to make sure your belongings are safe until you’re ready to take them with you again.

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